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Il tempo previsto per le prossime ore

Over the next few hours, fresh air from the Atlantic will cause thunderstorms in at least 4 areas; Let’s see what » is

Weather: In the next few hours, fresh Atlantic winds will cause thunderstorms in at least 4 areas; Let’s see which ones

In some parts of Italy the pressure is slightly reduced. Strong indications of instability were expected

Expected time for the next few hoursIn The next hour Weak drafts of fresh air will favor the growth of many Temporary It can affect at least 4 parts of our country.

In general, we see another vast high pressure field of African descent (Scipio) that has now occupied our entire country, already causing a significant increase in temperature. At the northern tip, however Cypio There is a temporary drop in pressure values ​​and this is caused by cold winds blowing at the low pressure that currently exists in the west and north of our continent.

The difference between cold air and the very hot climate that already exists in Italy can lead to the formation of many. Temporary It triggers easily in hot weather. After an early morning, although the clouds are overcast in one part of the north and part of central Tyrrhenian, everything is very calm, and as the hours go by we see a real storm surge starting from the alpine and pre-alpine mountains. Areas, but moving rapidly towards the northwestern plains.

The Asta Valley will be under surveillance PiedmontParts of Liguria and Lombardy and finally Veneto. Events can also take place, considering the strong energy involved in the conflict between fresh air and very hot and humid climates. Strong intensity So along Sudden wind and local hail.
By evening, however, storm activity could extend the range of its activity eastward, covering parts of the central plains and parts of the northern Apennines.

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However, in other parts of the country, anticyclone Cypio It does not show any specific signs of decline. In fact, if we exclude the presence of some clouds in the center and Sardinia, the weather picture will continue to be stable, but above all the temperature will be higher than the climatic average than expected.

Next, after hints of instability expected over the next few hours, the high pressure will soon be able to sew small tears, guaranteed for a Saturday that will pass under the banner of warm good weather in most parts of the country.