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Other than the crisis, all the extravagance of summer is for the rich, some of it surprising


The crisis caused by inflation and the rising cost of living does not seem to affect a privileged group of people.

The world has always been full of inequality since ancient times, in fact, all the richest men in history have tried to live their lives without regard for economic crises. One of the most famous examples is the life of the Roman emperor Caligula, who appeared as a true god on earth. He ruled between AD 37 and 41 surrounded by unbridled luxury and his usual extravagance.

Summer extravagance of the rich –

Therefore, he is remembered above all for his banquet, during which he ordered the food to be covered with gold leaf. And not only that: he even ordered the construction of a bridge made of boats, just to have fun riding it using armor that may have belonged to Alexander the Great.

The extravagance of today’s wealthy

Many personalities with unlimited disposable income are constantly looking for luxurious beaches filled with prestigious brands and equipped with restaurants with expensive menus. So while part of the population is trying to cope with the increase in the cost of living, a small part of the world is trying to figure out how to flaunt their wealth.

Beaches for the rich
The beautiful location of Le Cinque Vele Beach Club (Source Instagramlecinquevele)

Some examples can be found in Taormina or Porto Cervo, It was born in some of the luxury beach outlets of important fashion brandsLike Giorgio Armani. Moreover, while walking through the facility it is possible to meet designer sun beds, designer Dior cabins, expensive cocktails and exclusive bars like those on the Costa Smeralda. Clearly, the clientele strolling and sunbathing in designer fashions couldn’t be missing, as they reached staggering numbers.

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Indeed, only the rackets made by Louis Vuitton, which are beach toys, cost as much as 1,300 euros. As for the arrangement One of the most expensive beachesone of the most important It is called “Le Cinque Vele Beach Club”, and it is located in Marina de Pescolose, near Lecce. This is a very rich establishment, a gazebo with a table, 4 sun loungers, some beach towels and aperitifs costs a total of 1010 €.

In second place, however, is very famous Twiga in Forte dei MarmiIn this structure you can have two king size beds, two standard beds, a small table and an Arabic tent Pay 600 euros. Continuing our list of the most famous lidos in Italy, it is possible to visit the most luxurious Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido, It includes a cottage with a cot consisting of a mattress, a pillow, two deck chairs, a table and four folding chairs, for a total cost of 515 EUR.


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