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Osimo Space Week, a journey into women's scientific research

Osimo Space Week, a journey into women’s scientific research

OSIMO – “Right to Count”, Movie for 2016 which tells the true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, opens our eyes to the contribution, sometimes decisive, that women know even in a world that “belongs” mostly to men, Science and technology. Before this movie, he didn’t know what role so few people played Women Color in the success of the Apollo project.

The event promoted by the municipality of Osimo and which opens tomorrow, “Women in Space”, for World Science Week, has the task of highlighting even the most distracting elements regarding the importance of the female component in space research.

For a week, scientists, managers, online technologists, Italians and foreigners will discuss the current state of space research and future prospects. The event initiative, in its third edition, is by Osimo Lab and is a formulation of ideas and proposals, as well as concrete actions, for the internationalization of the Marche production world, through cross-contamination of different fields and skills. Among the founders of Osimo Lab, along with president Frida Paulilla and director Claude Njirumbatsi, internationalization expert, figure Francesca Fedi, research fellow at the University of Urbino, and expert in astrophysics on exoplanets and white dwarfs. Each year, the rich expression of the Usimana Space Week program is due to his contribution and international knowledge.

Two years ago, in an interview on These Columns, Faidi revealed that in astrophysics research, 90% of the employees are male. “The situation has also not changed much since then – he repeats. – That is why it seemed appropriate to address this issue. We need to educate young people, especially girls, to choose scientific research, and in particular space research, as a potential field of work: a way to free themselves from gender stereotypes. “. Several women of international standing belonging to entities such as NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Joint Agency, were invited to speak about their experience and the state of the research. Every morning, during this week, they will meet with schoolchildren, in ad hoc meetings. The lack of interest in space research is particularly evident in our region. As we witness a new race for space, it is alarming to verify that there are no specialized research and production centers in this sector, with strong manufacturing traditions. This is why it is so important to broaden the horizons of our youth.”

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The third edition of World Space Week is entitled “Women in Space”. To open the sessions, which will mostly take place online – on the Osimo municipality’s website or on the relevant Facebook page – the science caller, Piero Angela, will be tomorrow at 4pm. The women will be the ultimate protagonists. Among others are Mariangela Zappia, Italy’s ambassador to the United States, Simonetta Di Pippo, director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, and Amalia Ercole Fenzi, professor emeritus at Milan Polytechnic, Italy’s first astrophysics engineer. Marches scientist Marica Branchesi, Professor at the Gran Sasso Institute of Science, Ersilia Vodou, ESA’s Chief Diversity Officer, Luisa Innocenti, Head of Clean Space at ESA, and Christina will speak and discuss in the morning also with distant students. Lyon, president of the National Aeronautical Technology Cluster. Grazia Vittadini, Airbus Chief Technology Officer, Morena Bernardini, Vice President of Strategy for Ariane Group, Alessandra Bonanno, Prima Donna will discuss with ASI President Giorgio Sacuccia, Astronaut General Roberto Vittori, and the Managing Directors of Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio Italian to award recipients a medal. Dirac, and Cinzia Zvada, Senior Associate Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The meetings are coordinated by Frida Paolella, Francesca Vidi, and Claude Njirumbatsi, founders of Osimo Lab. And finally, on the weekend there will be events in the center of Osimo.

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