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The fragility and beauty of space against climate change

The fragility and beauty of space against climate change

In collaboration with Giovanni Dumacchio

Rome – The Earth seen from space looks fragile and beautiful. These are the words of many astronauts who were lucky enough to admire our planet from above. In recent years, many of them have spent their time educating the population about the dangers of climate change. In the days when he was even an activist Greta Thunberg Was in Italy for PreCop26The National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan opened the exhibition Fragility and beauty – a look at the earth through the eyes of satellites, in an updated and enriched version, where the Earth is seen thanks to space technology. Precious eyes, which help us determine the health of the planet, as emphasized by the head of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Giorgio Sacuccia, Speak at the “Changing Planet – A Look from Above” event.

Space, satellite and space applications derived from satellite observations are very important and necessary tools for taking care of our planet. and understanding how to reverse the process of our planet’s deterioration. In this sense, it can be said that space can heal our planet.”

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event guest of honor, Italian astronaut Issa Luca Parmitano, who praised the mobilization of youth, Including Friday March for the Future.

“Today I see a great readiness for action on the part of the next generation. Here in Milan, their massive and unanimous presence is a strong signal to the ruling classes: if they really want to be leaders in leading the country, they must respond to demands for action like the ones we see today. The satellite data available to all is the one that has allowed us to understand and follow the evolution of the climate and will also allow us to understand what we need to do to prevent this terrible trend.“.

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Moreover, Parmitano has just returned from an expedition to Switzerland, On the Gorner Glacier, One of the most studied in the world. Also at his side is Susan Mecklenburg, Head of the Climate Office at the European Space Agency, European Space Agency. The glacier is also regularly monitored by satellites, such as the Sentinel-2 of the European Copernicus programme. Every year, since the end of the 19th century, the glacier has been retreating and shrinking. Solution No policy and no protection can be stopped now. “It’s an incredibly sad story– Parmitano commented – But it should be a starting point for raising awareness and Take responsibility to slow climate change.”

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