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Few cases are in the historic center, and a higher percentage outside on

Few cases are in the historic center, and a higher percentage outside on

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May 14, 2021
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The lighter the color, the better the infection condition. Like every Thursday, also on May 13, Seresmi, the Regional Infectious Disease Surveillance Service of the Territory Lazio, Announced a map On the pluses of Coronavirus disease In all areas Rome. Each metropolitan area has a different color depending on the crude rate (that is, without corrections) of HIV infection per 10 thousand inhabitants. For regions iorange, light and dark orange, means that the incidence ranges between 380 and 430 cases per 10,000 residents. While the dark purple color indicates the neighborhoods with more than 620 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Infection by region The neighborhoods that have the least impact are Villa AdaAnd the The old town e Cecchignola. but also TrastevereAnd the Escilino e my dad and. On the other hand, the situation outside the junction is worse: CastluciaAnd the Tour San Giovanni e Bouquia Areas where there are more casualties. However, there are also some neighborhoods within Gra that need to be monitored. They are: the PisanaTrullo, Casilino, Pineto, and Casal Bruciato. The regions of Gianicolense, XX Settembre, Salario, and Nomentano are not very exposed, but not quite a bit.

The trend of Covid cases – Last month, from April 15 to May 15, the most affected day was April 16. When 1474 positives were counted. But the situation improved in a short time. A few days later, it immediately dropped to less than a thousand: on April 19, 950 new cases. Then the curve rose again and crossed thousands. However, since May 10, there have been fewer than 700 cases per day in Lazio. 680, 635, 633, until 654 yesterday. The May 11th number (633 positive) is the lowest in the past seven months.

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Neighborhood infection by neighborhood Within the Grand Raccordo Anolari, the cases since the beginning of the epidemic are:

  • Farnesina: 1032
  • Foro Italico: 132
  • Gold Medals: 1934
  • Aurelio Nord: 932
  • Pamphili Villa: 50
  • Aurelio Sood: 1122
  • Historic Center: 1091
  • Garbatella: 2032
  • Esquilino: 2868
  • Turbignate: 2604
  • San Lorenzo: 356
  • Trastevere: 353
  • Trieste: 2414
  • There is a villa: 33
  • Tour de Quinto: 778

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