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Orita Berti was my first love

In a recent interview, Jocas Casella revealed that Gf Vip had revealed a disturbing background about him and Orietta Berti.

Former competitor of Gf Vip Geocas Casilla He has recently been a guest on the radio program Non Succederà Più moderated by Giada Di Miceli and here he has allowed himself to go to some Unpublished and disturbing verses. As reported by Gossipetv, first talk about some of the couples who were born inside the most spied on homes in Italy. But then also talk about Wallpaper about him and Orita Berti, who will be the new columnist with Sonia Bruganelli on the upcoming issue of the reality show. That’s what he said.

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Gf Vip, Giucas Casella admits what happened with Orietta Berti

Host of the radio program Non Succederà Più hosted by Giada Di Miceli, Giucas Casella had his say in some of the couples born of Gf Vip. It started with Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bacciano, identifying them “cute coupleand declares that “They fit togetherHe then went on to talk about Lolo Selassie and Manuel Portozzo who admit that:

Lulu is a wonderful and demanding girl, but when she leaves the house, things change. Did you expect it? honestly no. Manuel gave me so much energy, who wouldn’t love him? Unique. I noticed the diversity, she is very special, and she still loves Manuel even today. I tell her to forget it, but she doesn’t forget it. All you do is think about her, she has a lot of people who want her, but nothing. Lulu’s love will come.

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In the end I talked about Orita Bertirevealing that it was her first love in her youth:

Orita was my first love. I was in my twenties, I was very young. I met her at a show, and she was fascinated by the beauty she told me about. Orita goes where she goes, she’s likable, and I see her well in Big Brother.