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Giacomo Urtis ha un nuovo amore? Le foto che…

Giacomo Ortis is pinched by a mysterious boy…

A well-known gossip expert recently broke the news regarding Giacomo Urtis and a possible new love for the plastic surgery doctor.

Giacomo Ortis, The 44-year-old Venezuelan doctor who is also well known in Italy thanks to his participation in highly successful reality shows, could have been spotted with a mysterious new boy.

A well-known gossip expert revealed the news Dianera Marzano.

Is Giacomo Ortis “secretly” dating someone?

Does Giacomo Ortis have a new love?  The pictures that...

A very successful surgeon, a former competitor to both of them Famous Island that of GF Vip and Giacomo Urtis It always arouses a lot of curiosity and attracts the attention of the gossip world.

However, the surgeon seems to remain quite conservative and jealous of his privacy when it comes to his love life. Every time Urtis He opened up about the question, but it always and in any case remained very private. Like the time when Urtis He mentioned his relationship with a very famous mysterious man:

I wasn’t always gay, I’ve also had women in the past, we married one. Maybe you come from a family where you can’t talk about homosexuality. Then one day at the airport I saw this and immediately recognized it from my arm. I repeat to myself ‘However it is him, and I know him’ I turn and say ‘Hi, I am Giacomo’, he says ‘Hi, I m…’ I let go of the girl I had at the time and I hung myself with him. In short, this well-known man has been married for several years. Basically, his partner and I lived with his partner. It’s very popular, I don’t remember the names. But I tell you that at one point they put him in jail and therefore nothing. I had to leave him because he had to think of himself. But I would go to prison every month to find him this, yes, great affection. I went to visit him for years. When he went out we saw each other often, and he is now happily out of prison.

And now, she was the columnist Dianera Marzano To leak new details regarding the love life of the VIP surgeon, he shared a story on Instagram in which the gossip expert revealed:

A mysterious boy has been spotted on vacation with Giacomo Ortis, it will be a new love…