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On highways, the speed limit as of today is 110 km/h: forget running or they will shoot you |  The law was issued

On highways, the speed limit as of today is 110 km/h: forget running or they will shoot you | The law was issued

110 highway

Forget the speed of 130 km/h on the highway, from now on the limit will drop to 110, and if you exceed that you will be in big trouble.

Are you ready to slow down? Changes in traffic laws are about to directly impact speed limits on highways. Forget running at 130 km/h: from now on, the speed limit will be 110 km/h. If you feel that you have already crossed this new limit without even knowing it, you may already be in serious trouble. But what exactly is happening?

Highway laws are constantly evolving, and this is the latest in a series of changes aimed at improving road safety and reducing accidents. But exactly how urgent is it to understand the new rules? What are the consequences if you exceed the new speed limit?

The authorities are increasingly tightening controls, using the latest technologies to monitor vehicle speed. What does this mean for drivers who may not be aware of the change in speed limits? This can result in hefty fines and, in extreme cases, the cancellation of your driver's license.

This scenario is worrying Especially for those who may have already exceeded the new limit without realizing it. Shifts in road laws can easily be missed, but ignoring them can be just as well It has serious consequences.

Differences in speed limits on the highway

In Italy, speed limits on the motorway allow cars to pass Up to 120 km/h. These limits are much higher than those on main (90 km/h) and secondary (110 km/h) roads outside cities, providing an advantage of around 20 km/h which makes a difference, especially on long journeys.

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The reason for this high speed is the ideal conditions of Italian highways, which undergo constant maintenance to always ensure optimum asphalt. However, this situation is not uniform throughout the European Union.


Comparison between European countries

In many European countries, speed limits on the motorway are lower. For example, in Spain and Portugalthe limit is set at 120 km/hwhile in England It is set on 110 km/h. However, the situation becomes more complicated in some Balkan countries, where highway conditions severely limit the maximum permitted speed.

in albania, For example, vehicles cannot overtake 80 km/h. in Slovenia e in Bosnia HerzegovinaInstead, the limit is set at 110 km/h, while still offering greater flexibility than other Balkan countries. These large differences in highway speed limits between European countries highlight the differences in road maintenance priorities and the challenges faced by different countries in ensuring safe and efficient road infrastructure.