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Olympia Milano Post Office |  The Europa League is over.  Now change for dignity

Olympia Milano Post Office | The Europa League is over. Now change for dignity

No matter who “it” is. Europe is gone. A year ago it was failure, and a year later it was disaster. Ownership continues with Ettore Messina until 2026. Continuity should always be praised, but now there is no season to save (what can be saved?), there are 12 months to give dignity.

The feeling, which is now more than just a feeling, is that Olimpia Milano now needs a smile. We need freedom. “Talk, talk, talk,” Messina says. The problem seems not so much in the comparison as in the object of the comparison.

A great coach is one who knows how to adapt to situations and players, and in this case the coach chooses him himself. Remove the brake, give freedom. Another smile, a pat on the shoulder, and less screaming.

In this sense, we remember Hugo Sconotcini's words about these frequencies: “I worked on them for several years, which was very important for me. He is a demanding, detail-oriented coach with great preparation. Well, sometimes in complex situations, it's not technical enough to pat yourself on the back. “There is competence, knowledge, great management of the group and potential, but sometimes you also have to deal with people.”

There are no alternatives. Ettore Messina is not the only one responsible. But with this team, their “method” and “being” are not working. What do we do now? Will we continue like this? truly?

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