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Uninstall these 10 apps that record conversations on Android

Uninstall these 10 apps that record conversations on Android

A worrying situation for Android users: a cyber spy campaign allowed six malicious apps to be distributed in the Google Play Store. Six other programs were distributed, and unfortunately installed, through devious means.

Let's see what the apps are, indicating whether you have them installed on your Android smartphone You should uninstall them immediately.

Beware of chats that install malicious apps!

To encourage users to install messaging apps Infected with VajraSpy Trojan virusHackers approach victims with the intent of false flirtation: They communicate via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp I invite you to download another messaging app to continue exchanging messages.

These malicious applications are divided into three groups.

  1. The first group of infected apps consists of standard messaging functions that ask for the victim's contact details, including phone number. Regardless of whether the account is created successfully or not, the Trojan runs in the background. This allows it to steal contacts, SMS messages, call logs, device location, list of installed applications, and files with certain extensions.
  2. The second group of apps also has the ability to use built-in accessibility options to intercept WhatsApp and Signal communications. Therefore, it is possible to spy on conversations and intercept notifications. One app (Wave Chat) goes further, recording phone calls, words typed on the keyboard, and ambient sounds by activating the smartphone's microphone.
  3. The third group consists of one application that does not work as a messaging system, but provides news. It still requires a phone number to call and can intercept contacts and some files.

Here is a list 10 malicious apps you should uninstall immediately From your smartphone:

  • YohooTalk
  • private conversation
  • meet me
  • let's talk
  • Quick chat
  • Chit chat
  • Tik Tok
  • nest
  • GlowChat
  • Wave chat
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Many of these apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store, and others, as mentioned, are not using the store to execute malicious code on the phone.

If one of these apps is on your device, remove it immediately.

Moreover, when someone asks you to download an application or click on an unknown link, pay maximum attention: most of the time this is an attempt to install this type of application on your smartphone, and in many cases, you may not notice that what It happens that the Trojan stays installed on your phone for months or years.