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Npl, Securitization Act Approval

Npl, Securitization Act Approval

The exact amount cannot be determined but according to the latest report from central bank, Quoting Majority Rapporteur, Director Pdcs Stefano Giulianelli, Doubtful loans held by San Marino banks amount to 1 billion 300 million Euro and most of them refer to it Savings Bank and Bns, Both are state controlled. The primary goal of securitization is transformation Npl In the liquidity of banks through a very complex procedure involving the participation of different subjects. One of the main roles will beregulatorObjections to the method of appointment, with the risk that the assessor of the non-performing loans may be chosen by the person who created them or directly by the State Congress, without the binding opinion of the Finance Committee. Another importance highlighted by the objections relates to a state guarantee of a possible difference between the assessed value of the loans distressed and what is already recovered.risk, according to RF and Libera, could involve spending hundreds of millions of euros. On the other hand, the integrity of the legislative system and the improvements made between the first and second readings were emphasized by members of the majority assemblies. The PDL is approved with 31 votes in favor and 10 against.

In the commentary of the vote Nicola Renzi from RF, defined the law as “dangerous” and “harmful” and also complained of a lack of confrontation. Opinion Matteo Siachi, from free, according to which another gift is given to the banks by repeating the demand for payment of those who make a mistake. The majority statements are of contrary content. Emmanuel Santi, from Net, talked about a PDL that would be able to provide answers to system problems and emphasized maximum attention to a state guarantee that should never be enforced. NS Michela Pelliccioni from Domani children’s movement It is in everyone’s interest for the law to work, it is of vital importance to the country, and there is a need to move forward quickly. Francesco Mosoni, in order to PDCS, he spoke of an important political shift with a law that inherited the toxic effects of the past with reckless management of credits. It would not be acceptable to repeat certain behaviors. The majority – he said in response to Ciacci and Renzi – were not at all bothered, and in making this act had the courage that others had not in the past. NPR did not release the vote announcement but strongly supported the PDL.

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Subsequently, the Council ratified the Delegated Decree “Appointment and Career Advancement in the Police Force” and “Agreement between the Government and Unions on the Implementation of Regulatory, Organizational and Remuneration Measures Related to the Civilian Police Corps.” The grand closing session and the General Council unanimously approved the Agendas about Afghanistan (to compel the State Congress to support all efforts to secure peace in Afghanistan, to defend the Afghan constitution and to implement all measures beneficial to opening humanitarian corridors to ensure the protection and reception of the fleeing civilian population) and on the establishment of National Aviation Day (April 19). Once the work is done, FM Luca Beccari Report to Board Group Leaders regarding Today’s statements by Italian Minister Di Maio, to be recognized in Italy by green lane To fortify San Marino Sputnik.