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Not just the Perseids: tonight is another shooting star show!

Not just the Perseids: tonight is another shooting star show!

August is eagerly awaited for the Perseids, but tonight another swarm of shooting stars will put on a show, kappa Cygnids, this year that can be seen at their peak all night between August 19th and 20th. Let’s make wishes!

after the show epididymisthey are back falling stars: Tonight another swarm of shooting stars will be putting on a show, LE kappa cygnidesthis year is visible at the peak all night Between 19th and 20th August. Let’s make wishes!

As the International Astronomical Union explains, Kappa meteors swans It shows a broad radiating region of more than 15° (that is, the area from which the swarm appears to start), very complex with multiple centers scattered between the constellations Cygnus and Draco.

These stars may have arisen, as often happens, from a crashed comet and have shown in recent years a variable frequency of between 2 and 8 meteors per hour.

This year is going to be radiant Visible all nightreaching its highest altitude above the horizon at the end of evening twilight at approximately +80°.

Shooting stars Kappa swan August 20, 2023

© Stellarium

And that’s not all, because the climax night, which will fall between August 19 and 20, will be particularly suitable for observation due to the complete absence of the new moon, which will only be three days ago (in the map, sky for August 20, 2023 at approximately 1.00 a.m).

Let’s make wishes!

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sources: UAI / UAI meteors

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