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Never go to the bathroom with your cell phone, everyone does but the risks are high

Never go to the bathroom with your cell phone, everyone does but the risks are high

Going to the bathroom with your cell phone is a fairly common habit, but in fact, it would be best to avoid it for some important reasons.

time, much ahead of me mobile phonesThe phone was just a tool for calling someone, especially those who are called smart. But now, in fact, it seems to us that light years have already passed since those moments, and some, perhaps, precisely, digital nativesHe hadn’t even tested them before.

Smartphone spread

However, once they started to catch up smart phonesThen things developed quickly and gradually, with more and more frequent news and updates.

However, nowadays, we really use this device to get things done many operationsBoth private and professional.

In fact, it can be said that at this point, it has become an almost indispensable technology thing, and it is hard to think of not using it at least a few times a day.

Currently, however, there is one Countless applications With which you can do a lot of things, among them conversationAnd Diet plandistract you with Gamedo some collectiblesand so on.

Thus it is easy to understand that since there are all these possibilities, users tend to take Mobile Whenever the opportunity arises, for example, when traveling by train, waiting in line at an office, when taking a coffee break, and more.

Habit to avoid

In this respect, according to recent estimates, the Italians seem to be getting by pretty well 30 percent of the day With eyes fixed on their mobile phones. But, to tell the truth, there is a fileUnhealthy habit So common that it should be eliminated.

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Therefore, the fact that many carry it with them smart phones Even when they go to the bathroom. In fact, however, It is not a healthy and healthy option.

First of all, because checking email or social message boards can, in some cases, generate a certain anxiety, a bit of stress, and more. negative feelings which is likely to affect normal defecation.

But, be warned, there is also another important reason why we leave our cell phones outside the bathroom door.

In fact, even if the room appears to be clean, it is possible to come into contact with it in such an environment bacteriaAnd Germs Based on Invisible dirt who move to smartphone screen.