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Neuroscientist Matthew Calio dies at 52 - Kronaka

Neuroscientist Matthew Calio dies at 52 – Kronaka

Pisa, April 13, 2022 – Neuroscientist Matthew Callio, a professor at the University of Padua, author of important contributions to the field of neurophysiology, died after a long illness at the age of 52. The disappearance was announced by Scuola Normale Superiore from Pisawho was a student in a regular course and a specialization course.

Originally from spicesFor many years, Caleo collaborated closely with the biology laboratory at the Scuola Normale, who are remembered for his great human qualities. With a versatile talent and great methodological rigor, Caleo has made important contributions to the field of neurophysiology, in particular to the degeneration and plasticity of the visual system and central nervous system. Among the most relevant are the study of the effects of Bdnf on neurogenesis in adults, a series of studies on the central effects of botulinum toxin and basic studies on the physiology of the visual cortex. Several pupils have been trained in Normal who will continue their studies. Pupil of Professor Lamberto Maffei, post-doctoral, conducted research in Rome, at the Levi-Montalcini Foundation. Returning to Pisa, he worked as a post-doctoral at Normal, Researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience at CNR, where, since 2010, he has also held the position of Director of the Pisa Branch.

From 2018 he was a full professor of physiology at the University of Padova, in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. For many years, Caleo was a member of the admission committees for the regular competition for the Scuola Normale, fellow of the Laboratory of Physiology, faculty member and supervisor of graduate theses as well as contracting professor. The research team in the Biology Laboratory of the Scuola Normale, with whom Professor Calio has collaborated closely, the graduate students he has followed for more than twenty years, in addition to scientific merits, remember his great human qualities.

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