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NADF, 2023 GDP Estimates at 0.8%, Downwardly Revised from Def – News

NADF, 2023 GDP Estimates at 0.8%, Downwardly Revised from Def – News

GDP in 2023 could grow by 0.8%. According to what we learned from sources close to the file, this is the estimate that the government is preparing to include in NADEF, thus revising downward for the month of April, which indicated growth of 1%.
The 2024 GDP trend, i.e. the starting point for calculating the programmatic GDP estimate, will be about 1% of the 1.4% estimated in Def.

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Towards extending mortgages under 36

They are supposed to arrive with the next economic measure expected in the Cabinet on Wednesday, Extension decree Regulatory deadlines and tax payments, According to what we learn, the extension to Discounts for purchasing a first home for under 36s and on crypto assets. Another three months, from September 30 to December 31, 2023, will be given to enjoy mortgage relief for young people and an additional month and a half, from September 30 to November 15, to comply with paying tax on cryptocurrencies – activity. These measures were initially included in the first drafts of the draft energy law that was approved yesterday.

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