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Poland plays for its face (and EU money) at Turów coal mine: Court of Justice calls for lockdown, Warsaw resists


has become Issue diplomat, But mine Tooru, A few kilometers from the border between Poland, Germany e Republic Czech, In what’s called the black triangle, is also a test case for Warsaw. in the last days European Court of Justice Poland is among the largest producers Carbonate In the European Union, mining must be stopped immediately Lignite In the mine that for years he has been in the heart of a quarrel with Prague. But the Polish government does not seem willing to accept this willingly. Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sassen He explained that the closure of the mine “could have dire consequences for society and energy security in the country,” while the prime minister Matthews Murawiecki He announced that negotiations with the Czech Republic would begin, but “other arguments will be presented to the European Court of Justice to change them resolutionAnd before leaving to Brussels To meet with the Czech Prime Minister, he stressed that the issue was raised a few months later Political elections To be held in October in the Czech Republic, but the fact is that the mine Tooru It’s an old story that risks exploding at least at the right moment for Poland.

Correct Jump Box Slide – Because Warsaw managed to get the largest share of the fund Just a transmission (2 billion euros), the creation of more than one Period. Starting from the date of cessation of mines: According to the agreement that was signed recently Polish government And by the miners’ unions, the last mine will have to be closed by 2049, a date that conflicts with the 2021 climate goals. In the end, Moraveki brought home what he wanted, Put his foot down, arguing that Poland “is still too much.” The employee From coal “he should have been supported in his complex transition. On the other hand, in his speech before.” settlementIn December 2017, the Prime Minister said he had no intention of giving up Carbonate “The basis of our energy.”

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Mine contention – Thus for years Warsaw continued to announce the opening New mines And increase power for power plants. One example is mine Tooru, Which has been in operation for more than a century and since the 1960s of the last century also powers the neighboring power plant in Produce Of energy. The power station and the mine are located at PugatiaCharcoal, in Lower Silesia, is at the foot of the Mountain Range of the Gods Suditi. Practically in the middle of the houses. But this has not stopped the activity by which 7.5 million tons of lignite is being extracted annually. Prague can interest more. Why mine It also borders with Germany Over the years, the Czech Republic dried up groundwater levels FriedlantIt is a Czech city that thrives in tourism and livestock, causing damage to 30,000 people. The tankers are now needed in the summer. Here the municipalities fought together against the Polish state energy group PGE and a dispute arose.

Litigation – The mining concession expired in 2020, but the company (which plans to construct a new 496 MW unit at the nearby power plant) has requested the acquisition Extension Until 2044. In 2020, Poland extended its mining permit for six years Lignite, Without any environmental impact assessment. Czech Foreign Minister Tomash Petrich He asked for clarification, to no avail, before resorting to the European Union Commission, which in turn supported Prague’s position. As for Brussels, Poland is in breach of an EU directive on evaluationEnvironmental impactWhich requires cross-border consultations. The negotiations that took place failed a WarsawIn February, the last move by the Czech Republic, which appealed to the European Court of Justice, demanded the immediate suspension of activities. For the first time in the history of the European Union, a country has filed a lawsuit against another country Reasons environmental, And bring it in front of European Court of Justice. Vice President of Ue cutAnd the Rosario Silva de LabuertaPrague’s request was upheld until judgment in the public case.

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Test bench – But this is not an issue between Warsaw and Prague. On May 3 the same commission European Union It was mentioned that the condition of the Turów mine may lead to the exclusion of Lower Silesia from ‘Fair Transfer Fund(7.5 billion of the multi-year financial framework, plus another 10 billion of the European instrument for recovery) approved a few days ago, finally, by the European Parliament. Poland believes that the closure of mine It can have a devastating social impact on you Area. And definitely hiring is a topic, if you are Workers Protest the decision of the European Court of Justice. Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sassen He pointed out that the power station produces 5% of the electricity needed for Poland And provides electricity for the homes of their own 3.7 million Citizens And that “the closure will lead to the loss of jobs of 3500 workers in the energy complex.” But Warsaw Trapped.

Poland plan – The European Union is asking Poland to make a choice, which may be clearer than Contents Put pen to paper in the plan presented in recent months. The program provides progressive Close Of the 13 mines between 2021 and 2049, they actually arrived after 2043 and are no longer there employees Of coal and lignite, and is now the source of more than 70% of Requirements Energetic National (But it also causes about 50,000 premature deaths each year.) A plan made up of highlights and shadows that is expected to produce 20-25% off Requirements With at least 6 new nuclear sites, another 30% have natural gas plants and the rest with wind and photovoltaic cells, which are already growing rapidly. Something has already happened, such as abandoning the new coal plant project Ostroca C, Which was supposed to go into effect in 2024 and which has also been at the center of the Law and Justice campaign The far right, In power today. It would have been larger than the Bełchatów power plant, the largest in Europe, but even more so it is not economically sustainable, especially given the potential offsetting reasons for environmental damage. The Turów Mine does not escape logic. over there Poland She will have to understand (and quickly) whether it will cost her the slice of money she was able to allocate.

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