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Modem or Router: Here is the difference between two basic parts of a computer

Modem or Router: Here is the difference between two basic parts of a computer

What are the main differences between modem and Routers? Maybe not everyone knows it: let’s discover it together!

Maybe a lot of people think I am The terms modem and router are synonymous Is that Basically there is no difference between the two devices. However, this is not entirely the case: in fact, modems and routers have very different characteristics, so much so that they are complementary. The only thing they might have in common is their purpose, which is to create an Internet connection and bring it into the home.

Modems and routers allow you to connect to the Internet. But they have some differences –

A Wi-Fi modem, also called an ADSL modem, is the device that allows us to connect to the Internet using a phone connection. This connection occurs after the activation of the subscription in question. Only in this way, The modem is capable of receiving an Internet connection. Even its name defines its actual function: the modem, in effect, modulates digital signals and enables them to be routed within the connected device, such as a computer, and vice versa.

Why worry? Routeris a device capable of Splitting different data packets coming from outside at the same time, to other electronic devices. This way, many computers, smartphones, tablets and any other Wi-Fi device will be able to connect to the Internet. So, The router can be installed and working only if there is a modem that creates an Internet connection. Thanks to the use of a router, it will be possible to create your own “digital ecosystem”: starting with the modem that provides the connection, it will then be forwarded from the router to all devices in the house, which will be connected on the same network.

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All the differences between modems and routers

But what are the real differences between a modem and a router? Initially, modems and routers were two devices designed and manufactured separately. So, if you needed both, you had to buy the two devices separately. However, the router is now installed by default within the modem itself. So, you can have one tool that allows you to create an Internet connection and split it simultaneously between all the Wi-Fi devices in your home.

All the differences between modems and routers
Many do not know the differences between modems and routers –

So Big difference between modem and router It’s very easy to understand: Firstly Come It is considered a bridge Between your workstation, computer, tablet, smartphone and outside, creating a connection to the digital network; the secondinstead of, It allows you to split this connectionwhich passes through the modem bridge, Of all the devices out there At the workstation. In fact, if you don’t have a router, your modem can only deliver the Internet to your main computer.