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Minimum wage, how and where to vote for its introduction in Italy


On the Minimum salaryAfter several confrontations between parties that have followed each other in recent weeks, Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, Action, Movimento 5 stelle, the Democratic Party and Più Europa are seeking a breakthrough through a united campaign.

The announcement of the rally, which was launched on Sunday, August 13 on all social channels of the various political forces, is an announcement of the start of an online campaign for petition To support the bill, which so far has not received any majority support.

The applicable strategy is that of an open petition submission through platform That crashed though in the early afternoon due to too many accesses. The first discussions arose about this attempt to circumvent difficult conversations with the parliamentary counterpart, while the promoters of the initiative promised to return the site as soon as possible to continue their fight for the €9 per hour salary limit.

Minimum wage law: Is it really a quandary with the centre-right?

“After months of battle in Parliament and outside it,” writes the Democratic leader, “we went to a confrontation with the government to defend our proposal and explain our proposal regarding the minimum wage, but the right is backing down and taking time and has no alternative proposal. Three and a half million workers, men and women, are poor, even if they work. They can’t wait.”

This narrative describes a strong stance on the scenario. For now, however, it is also important to remember, after meeting in Palazzo Chigi with the opposition, the Prime Minister Georgia Meloni Two advances suggestions: Engage Cnel to assign the task of studying the matter and research, within 60 days and before the Budget Act, by means of an alternative to low wages and poor work.

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For this reason, there are those who, like Northern League member Gian Marco Centineo, vice-president of the Senate, speak of collecting signatures as an attempt to “throw the ball into the stands”:

“If the opposition thinks they were coming up with a solution already in their pockets after the first meeting with the government, then they are either in bad faith or they don’t know how politics works.”

However, campaign forecasts currently depict a wide range consent common. according to what he writes printing75.7 percent agree with the minimum wage proposal: 46.4 percent appreciate the whole solution while 29.3 percent would only agree to it if it was backed by business incentives.

What does it mean to sign a minimum wage petition?

there joint law proposal of dissenters, as he reads a recent declaration, intends to act on two subordinate and independent principles:

  • promoting collective bargaining and addressing hacked contracts;
  • Determine the €9 aggregate threshold as the minimum table, below which it cannot fall until collective bargaining.

In affirmation of these principles, it is also stated on the online platform that “the opposition forces have signed a unified proposal stating that no worker can be paid an hourly wage less than 9 euros per hourwithout regard to the thirteenth, fourteenth, etc. severance pay, which should be more.”

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How to participate in the signature collection

the site It fired in the middle of the day but stopped in the early afternoon. Several opposition statements quickly responded to the technical problem:

“We’re trying to fix it, sorry.”

While awaiting the restoration, it is important to note the intent – also emphasized in Schlein’s last post – to prepare the classics. Signature gatherings In the Italian squares where the Festa dell’Unità will be celebrated.


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