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Men and women, do you remember Pamela Companucci and her disastrous experience? This is what he does today for a living

Do you remember Pamela Companucci? The woman participated as a matchmaker for men and women but her story was a real disaster.

The woman participated as a suitor men and women by Federico Mastrostefano. Tronista, the Olympic swimmer, was seated on the most sought-after throne in Italy for an entire season. One of the most popular Thrones is the show that started in October and ended in June. Then the man realized that his heart between the two women led her to Pamela. Tina Cipolari was also influenced by Federico’s choice. It really looks like love won out before the scandal came out on live TV. This time around, Simona Ventura is managing the Federico-Pamela couple. Here’s what happened between the two and what happened to Pamela today.

Pamela Campagnocchi: “You’re making me sick!” Do you remember that tragic moment? What happened to her after all this time?

Pamela Companucci managed to beat rescue swimming champion Federico Mastrostefano. The two have been together for just over a year. Their long journey to the men and women of many boys revealed in the media that even after their journey ended in the show Waiting for Maria de Filippi, he was chosen as the contender on Celebrity Island. Simona Ventura was running the program at the time. Federico left but after two weeks on live TV only when his girlfriend was a guest in the studio, he decided to declare that he loves the woman very much but no longer loves her. The crowd booed as soon as Federico Pamela left, but when the woman took the microphone in her hand, she screamed at him. “You disgust me” There was a loud roar of unanimity followed by many applause.

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Soon after Federico was nominated by the untouchables and once he finished telecasting, the audience decided to kill him while Simona Ventura decided to bring ex-Pamela to the island. The boy said that he was really happy for her that she was able to get to the island thanks to all this situation. Nothing has been heard of the two in recent years. Federico has a new partner and he’s still a swimming coach but Pamela? where have you been? Today Pamela is a mother and she has admitted that not only did she support the choice of Big Brother, but that she would like to relive the experience on the island without being conditioned to any previous person. Who knows if Hilary or Alfonso will accept the requests of the former suitor.

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