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Alicia Marcuse on the alleged crisis with her husband: "Silence and screaming but ..."

Alicia Marcuse on the alleged crisis with her husband: “Silence and screaming but …”

In a recent interview, Alicia Marcusi indulged in some confessions. The presenter spoke about Mediaset and her husband, Paolo Calabresi Marconi.

there Marcuse She went back to talking about her relationship with Mediasetand those containing the husband.

Alicia Marcuse: No betrayal, no breakup

over the past year, Alessia Marcuzzi has been away from TVHowever, rumors chased her. wind up Biscioni’s farewellEverything and more has been said about one An alleged crisis with her husband. Now the Romanian presenter who will soon return to the small screen with new software for Rai 2, PomerismaInterview with Oggi magazine, breaking the silence once and for all.

on him Relationships with MediasetFor example, he mentioned:

Mediaset has entrusted me with important programs, but professional relationships are like romantic relationships: they develop. It is natural and humane to take a moment for yourself when you no longer recognize yourself in the projects proposed to you. But Whoever wants to see betrayal or breakup is wrong.

Regarding private life, however, the Marcuse He hinted at his extended family: he had a son, Thomaswith Simon Inzaghiand daughter Minewith Francesco Facinti. Currently, he gets along well with both and with their companions:

It is an exhausting exercise and at the same time an act of love.

Finally, on the consort, Paolo Calabresi MarconiThe presenter said:

Who among us does not face fluctuations in the marital relationship? Paulo is my support And a reference point for my children, too. But I don’t believe in false and comfortable scales. Love is dialectic, but it is also silence and screaming.

Therefore, despite the problems that any couple had, there was no breakup.

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