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Matteo Salvini’s promise: “No more continuous strikes”

Matteo Salvini’s promise: “No more continuous strikes”

Matteo Salvini, Vice-President of the Council and President of the League, arrives on the final day of the Fratelli d’Italia event at Atreju. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the event, he focused on some points on the political agenda. Starting from the ESM issue, on whose approval, Salvini explains, “I continue to believe that the parliament will decide. I have not changed my mind. Also, I have expressed my idea: that a pensioner, a vulnerable worker should pay to save a German bank is our attention and I don’t know the center for politics either.” As for the position the club will take, he notes the key moment: “Let’s see how many votes we get.” On the stability deal, another critical negotiating point, he observes: “The economy minister, who I have full confidence in, is working on it.” And then there is the issue of the government, in which, reiterated by allies these days, “there is a small group. In my opinion, I hope to bring back stability to Italy and the center-right: the procurement code, the highway code, small and large infrastructures, stop the continuous strike “.

From the stage, the infrastructure minister allows himself a joke about the leader of the Democratic Party, Ellie Schlein: “The precedent is that we want to rule this country together for a long time, and we are condemned if we have Schlein instead. Twenty years of rule. God save Schlein at the head of the Democratic Party,” he jokes. He then moves on to the most debated points of his role as minister: the right to strike, “is sacred and protected by the constitution, but the dignity and burden of a political government must command, because not everyone can stop the country. A 24-hour strike a week and Landini will deal with it.” As for the infrastructure modernization process, “there is a bridge to do justice to the millions of Sicilians that can be connected to the rest of Europe”, he says, referring to the work on the Straits of Messina. Again: “It will be a symbol of Italian engineering, Italian engineers are the best in the world, and we will bring them back to Italy to design, build and assemble. When Landini said that a bridge should not be built across the Straits of Messina, I promised to work overtime because it is the government’s duty to connect Italy from north to south. And He has an ironic snort to the head of CGIL: “For me, Landini’s opinion is a light: it always shows what we should not do.” There is also the question of who is trying to prevent the fulfillment of those works: “Tomorrow (today’s version) I will be in Piedmont: some anarchists. And there are community centers that challenge the government to block great works. TAV and not four anarchists who will stop the center-right government.” Finally, a view on the reforms: “The reform to give more strength and powers to the central government elected by the citizens is fully consistent with the autonomous and federalist history of the League to give more powers and independence to the regions. Those two go perfectly together and that makes us stronger.”

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