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Marvel’s Blade will not be an Xbox exclusive at Marvel’s request, says a former Sony executive

Marvel’s Blade will not be an Xbox exclusive at Marvel’s request, says a former Sony executive

The integrity of the source can be highly suspected, being a former Sony developer, but second Alex Smith the game Marvel’s Blade is in my corners Just announced It won’t be exclusive to Xboxat the request of Marvel itself.

We can’t consider this to be a definitively reliable source, but Alex Smith, who made this claim, previously worked for Bend Studios within PlayStation StudiosIn addition to Deviation Games and Ember Lab, he is definitely someone close to the video game development field, and could be aware of certain conventions.

According to Smith, lack of exclusivity would be an advantage Ordered directly from Marvel In almost all new licensed game deals.

Alex Smith’s contribution to the story

Smith reported that all Marvel licensed video games which The agreements are concluded as of 2022 Onwards, it should be cross-platform, which explains why EA’s Black Panther and Iron Man are not exclusive to EA, and therefore Marvel’s Blade as well, according to the developer.

with regard to Marvel wolverinethe latter is not part of the new agreements as the contract was created before 2022 and therefore will not be part of the new policy requested by the publishing house, in addition to the various possible agreements that Sony could also obtain with Disney in light of the situation of the Spider-Man license.

Obviously, we are treating this issue as a simple rumor that cannot be controlled at all, but it may represent an interesting question, considering also the mystery of the failure to communicate information.Uniqueness From Marvel’s Blade despite being developed by a team from Xbox Game Studios, namely Arkane Lyon, which has sparked rumors about it possibly not being an Xbox exclusive.

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