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Lucio Presta attacks Amadeus: “He did something unacceptable”

Lucio Presta attacks Amadeus: “He did something unacceptable”

Lucio Presta speaks on all topics from the stage of the Dogliani Television Festival, in the Cuneo region, where the television entertainment agent is one of the star guests of the program. And he has something for everyone: Amadeus and Stefano Di Martino above all. It goes without saying that the breakup that has made the most noise in recent months is the breakup with Amadeus. Some time ago, Presta told his version of events in an interview with Il Giornale which sparked a lot of discussion. “I did it by waiting times and ways, respecting the company, respecting Amadeus, waiting for Sanremo to end – said Presta – Amedeo, whom I respect very much from a professional point of view, did something that is never done even with someone who hurts you. He went to my homeland, Calabria , to the New Year’s party and said, “Lucio Presta knows what he did.” I couldn’t accept a sentence like that that hurt my honor, so I wanted to explain how things went. No, but I also didn’t read anything to correct what I said “Only one thing to avoid being proven wrong: tell the truth.”

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Stefano Di Martino is also at the center of his interests. The director from Cosenza dedicated a hit to the former dancer, who is now a very famous face of Rai music. “I asked Freccero, the then director of Rai2, to take Stefano to the Stasera tutto è possibiliè, which was initially supposed to be hosted by Pintus. I told him: ‘You will see that you will feel better with him.’ I was a good prophet.” Four years ago, Di Martino left Presta’s Arcobaleno Tri club to join Cacheto: “I said what I had to say to Stefano. We met one day at a tables show. I told him: He who betrays once will always betray in life. “It will be up to others.”

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