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The oven hood, the mistake everyone makes that harms your health and the health of your family members |  The simple trick for perfect hygiene

The oven hood, the mistake everyone makes that harms your health and the health of your family members | The simple trick for perfect hygiene

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Oven cover, be careful how you clean it. But a mistake that undermines the health of all members of your family.

for every I feel good When we meet Within the walls of the house It’s convenient I feel safety it is in the right place. Which means we must not only love it, but it must also be very welcoming. The disturbance that we notice with our eyes can in turn lead to mental disturbance, making us tense and not allowing us to relax properly.

Moreover, if we know that we are living in an unpleasant situation, we will not even be ready to invite people, even for a simple coffee. It is then necessary to think To household chores Especially for those who It matters to our kitchenOur home is where we usually live We spend more time.

Here we cook, we consume our food and therefore we have to think more about tidiness and cleaning but also about punctuality. Sewage. This also applies to Many home appliancesThe oven first and foremost. And we should too Hood care If we don’t want to face it Problems related to our health And our loved ones.

However, especially nowadays, due to the very busy life, when we are at home, we never intend to bother with cleaning. So, often on weekends, we find ourselves collectively dealing with restoration, cleaning and tidying up. What about the damned hood?

Be careful not to lower the burner hood

Since we have so little time, There is a risk that the hood will go completely unnoticed. Nothing could be more wrong, because a lot of dirt can hide inside it. In fact, let’s remember that it is located in Very close contact with food Which we cook. So you understand how important it is to keep it clean and sterilized.

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Otherwise we will leave Green light for bacteria and germsIn addition to creating annoying odors. To avoid all this, simply implement a Simple trickwhich will allow us to obtain a first-class hood.

Tricks to keep your oven hood shiny
Oven cover – Depositphotos –

Remove and clean filters

behind He thinks To his goal Exterior cleaningWe must also aim to Internalwhich is related Metal grease filters. The latter is placed inside a frame located under the cover and to clean it we must necessarily remove it. To wash them A solution of warm water and soap is sufficientBut if it is covered with a special crust, it is useful to leave it soaked for an hour in boiling water and baking soda.

this process It should be performed every two months. However, let’s not forget to clean the outside of the cover using a soft cloth and neutral soap. A good rinse and perfect drying are the final steps to thoroughly clean and remove these unsightly marks.