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Lower and lower temperatures! Soon the frost returns from the middle of winter. Details with data »


Weather warning: lower and lower temperatures! Soon the frost returns from the middle of winter. Details with data

Expected temperatures in the next few daysThe latest updates to the data centers have confirmed that the current climate situation will soon be turbulent. In fact, more audiences arrivecold air (After those that affected the weather last weekend and at the beginning of the week) it will be determined in the coming days It is not a general thermal degradation, but also a return frost Layla in some parts of the country.

The reason lies in the area of ​​high pressure that from North Africa will bravely extend to the northern sectors of the ancient continent, urgently, by Freezing of the Russian Siberian territoryAnd the The influx of very cold winds, blowing on the eastern edge of the anticyclone, will also return to influence our country where we will inevitably experience a decidedly more wintery climatic environment.

But when will this cooling happen? Early on Friday, March 11, when there Strong strengthening of the cold northeast wind This will push us towards a stricter weekend in a large part of the country.
Daytime and nighttime temperatures are expected to decrease with nighttime values ​​being more stringent at the bottoms of the Alpine valley, in the Po Valley and in the interior of the center.
In the north we expect a return widespread frost Thermal values ​​can therefore drop a few degrees below zero. During the day, high winds from the northeast quadrants will heighten the sense the cold Because cold air. about cold air We mean that phenomenon according to which, in the presence of WindThe Perceived temperature From our body it turns out to be inferior respect to the real body. The stronger the wind, the more cold it feels: this is an indicator that is calculated by taking data temperature from Wind.

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But how long will this stage last? If all is confirmed, the cold wind will keep us at least until the early days of next week.


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