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"L'Oro di Scampia": Maddalone's dream in the movie with Pepe Fiorillo

“L’Oro di Scampia”: Maddalone’s dream in the movie with Pepe Fiorillo

He is filming Scampia gone, With Baby Fiorello Directed by Marco Pontecorvo, it is freely taken from the book My sports life, The biography of Gianni Maddalone. A success story and above all redemption, sporty and above all social. Gianni Maddalone is a father Giuseppe MaddaloneOlympic champion, Ai gone 2000 Sydney Games.

Beppe Fiorello in the movie plays Enzo, who has Scampia – a region in northern Naples that has become a symbol for years of dealing and crime, Gomorrah opened – a gym Judo. An opportunity to play sports and keep children off the street. A history of training, the underworld, and economic hardship. An ongoing challenge. The protagonist is the Capuano family. over there Sport club It is a holy place for Enzo and his children but not for the Camorra, who threaten it and set it on fire, and the worst happens. Tragedy.

Scampia gone So it is freely inspired by the true stories of Gianni and Pino Maddalone. Giuseppe said Pino got a position Commander at the hands of the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Maddalone won another gold at the Mediterranean Games, despite being injured in 2004. Other successes: 1st place in the World Military Championships, and silver at European Championships 2006. Medals. Today it is international rule.

The film is set in Scampia, in Naples. The interpreters besides Fiorillo are Gianluca de Gennaro, Anna Voletta, Salvio Simuli, Salvatore Striano, Nilo Masia, Cero Petroni, Anna Belleza, Gaitano Bruno and Domenico. The film was released on October 10, 2013 in cinemas. On OpinionChannel One, broadcast on February 10, 2014, surpassed 6,800,000 spectators with a share of 23.85%. Prime time will also start on Saturday May 8th on Rai1.