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Bad weather: start of a turbulent week in the north and part of the center

Bad weather: start of a turbulent week in the north and part of the center

All confirmationIn fact, it probably results from the turmoil Slowed down a little Compared to the details of days gone by. This should be allowed Greater continuity of phenomena to the north and less interest in the center; The south and Sicily will largely emerge from this decline and will have only occasional phenomena.

Let’s start with Total precipitation expected for tomorrow, Monday, May 10, In Italy, according to European model:

Compared to yesterday’s analysis there is one A slight reluctance for the phenomena to advance towards the East. However, throughout the day, they will be interested Heavy rain also in the Valle d’Aosta and much of Piedmont, Especially the west-central part.

Only western Lombardy and western Liguria will be affected In the evening, Even if it is possible (in both Liguria and Lombardy) to have some Rain to precede The front is already in the afternoon.

In the rest of the north it will not rain, while in the center and south, except for a few clouds over Sardinia and Tyrrheny, the weather will be nice and warm.

The bulk of the bad weather was completely confirmed by day Tuesday May 11 Significantly To the north, part of Sardinia and the upper Tyrrhenian center. Here is the total rainfall expected in Italy for the whole day Tuesday 11 May, Again according to European model:

We re-emphasize the risk of heavy rain and even heavy thunderstorms in Val d’Aosta, Upper Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria, and then we lean to Upper Tuscany and Triveneto in the evening.

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The rain will make its way to Sardinia And to a lesser extent Between Umbria and Lazio, Until you reach Campania In the evening. The weather will remain dry along the Adriatic side and in the south (with the exception of Campania).

Watch out for Strong southerly winds over western basins and seas in poor conditions. Low temperatures in the north and center, especially where heavy rains will fall

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