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It caused a “solar tsunami” and a mass coronal expulsion, and a radio blackout in the United States

the new Sunspot AR2822 I was bornExplosion The May 7, A Reed is a decorative material Solar Classy M3.9One of the 25 most powerful flares of young solar cycle number 25.
The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the explosion near the northeastern edge of our star.
The wave emerging from the site of the explosion is one. “Tsunami Solar“, A wave of magnetized hot plasma about 100,000 km in height and moving along the surface of the Sun at a speed of 250 km / s.

A pulse of X-rays and ultraviolet rays emitted from the glow ionized the upper part of Earth’s atmosphere. This, in turn, caused black out radio (Short waves) in North America. Radio amateurs and sailors may have noticed strange propagation effects at frequencies below 30MHz, with some transmissions below 15MHz completely switched off.

While the radio dimming was in progress, the sun produced a strong shortwave radio discharge. Astronomer Thomas Ashcraft discovered a roar of static electricity coming out of his radio telescope’s speaker in rural New Mexico. “After a long and silent minimum of solar power, I am delighted to catch a solar flare M3.9 on May 7th.“Explanation of Ashcraft. “It generated complex and dynamic Type 2, Type 5 and Type III radio emissionsThese natural emissions result from shock waves passing through the sun’s atmosphere – in other words, Ashcraft detected the sound of a solar tsunami (Click here to hear it).

In addition to everything else, the explosion created anExpelling the coronal mass In space: Images from the Sun and Heliosphere Observatory (SOHO) will reveal whether it is heading towards Earth. It’s still waiting for the data to arrive, so all that’s left is to wait for more official updates.

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