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Lolo Selassie guest on Verissimo and Manuel Portuzzo and the gesture against Silvia Tofanen

Lolo Selassie guest on Verissimo and Manuel Portuzzo and the gesture against Silvia Tofanen

An unexpected new move by the former hero of Big Brother Vip 6 towards his ex-girlfriend Lulu SelassiƩ

new gesture from Manuel Portozzo On social media, he was easily noticed and criticized by many users. It now appears that he is between the swimmer from Trieste and his ex-girlfriend Lulu Selassiethe young Ethiopian princess he met and fell in love with Al big brother vipThere is no glimmer of hope even in a friendly or calmer relationship than the one that has been taking shape in the past few days.

Gf Vip: Lulu Selassi is a guest on Verissimo, Manuel Bortuzzo and the signal against Silvia Toffanin

The ex gieffino seems to hold some anger towards his ex, for many an inexplicable hatred as he was the one who decided to end the relationship but perhaps above all, lulu Pretty words are still spent on the subject.

distanceLaunched an interview with Selassie Verissimowho talked about it again Manuel and their relationship, acknowledging that in spite of everything he will always be the greatest love of his life, ex Givino Unfollow from the official page of the Silvia Tofanen talk show.

Therefore, it seems that the statements or the interview did not satisfy the swimmer to the point of pushing him in this direction, despite being a guest in the. very right Several times, even recently.

But in light of all that appears, Manuel Doesn’t seem like he really wants to know more lulu There does not appear to be any hope of reconciliation at all.

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statements lulu During the last appointment with very right:

“We dreamed of starting a family and getting married, we told each other. I hope to see him again and at least be able to talk. If not, I hope he will be very happy and realize his dreams even without me. I feel in my heart that he is still in love even if He never said it. Manu will always be in my heart as the love of my life and I wish him to be happy with or without me. And for the first time I felt so loved for who I am now”,

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