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Paulo Fox, today May 19, 2022 Aries, no moment, Taurus and Gemini...

Paulo Fox, today May 19, 2022 Aries, no moment, Taurus and Gemini…

The week is half way through, so it’s time to find out what a filePaolo Fox Tower About the twelve constellations for today, Thursday, May 19, 2022. The astrology expert talked about them, as usual, in his column Milk and starsWhich is broadcast daily on the frequencies of Radio Latte and Mille. In this in-depth study, we will find out what he said AriesAnd ox And twins.

Paulo Fox, Aries in decline

Dear AriesAccording to the horoscope predictions of Paulo Fox in these hours there will be a decrease. Save some energy for this particular day. Given that you are in a period of great strength and recovery, this does not mean that every day is energetic and enjoyable. For example, today and tomorrow I see great fatigue. This dissonant moon doesn’t have the power to constrain big projects, but it might lead you, for the next 48 hours, to argue that it doesn’t listen to you, and since you are “big bosses”, I don’t want you to object. Be a little careful with your words, because saying everything you think can create enmities.

Predictions for Paulo Fox, Taurus and Gemini

The oxAccording to Paulo Fox’s horoscope, we are taking a step back from yesterday: tension is building. Perhaps today’s provocations should be avoided, but the moon is still favorable, so even if there are disagreements, everything will be resolved within the next 48 hours. If I can give you some advice, look for answers also on the love level: Lately, you’ve been doing your best to try and mend and rebalance a relationship and hopefully it worked. However, it is possible that there is someone by your side that you consider to be a little immature or a little unstable and this can upset you.

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On the other hand, according to the horoscope of Paulo Fox, a wonderful period for those born under the sign of the gods twins And they have big plans. On our good side: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus. Whether it is a project for work or love or a complete rebuilding of one’s life, everything is a favourite. There will also be relationships in particular with other signs that help: Leo, Aries and Aquarius. Never stop! You always tend to anticipate times because you have a quick silver on you, but in this period you may find more ideas to follow.

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