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List of risk areas

List of risk areas

Yellow weather alert tomorrow, Thursday, July 6th for some areas of northern Italy due to the risk of thunderstorms. Bulletin issued by the Civil Protection.

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 6th, the weather will remain unstable due to the Atlantic currents that will lead, especially in the north, to the formation of many thunderstorms, also locally with great force.

As of only Friday, the anticyclone’s high pressure in North Africa should push more decisively toward Italy, which occupies over all of the central south and islands.

For this reason, the Civil Protection Department has also assessed the weather alert situation for three regions for tomorrow.

Severe weather, Yellow Weather Alert for Thunderstorms Tomorrow, June 29: Areas at Risk

Bad weather, yellow alert for tomorrow’s weather: vulnerable areas

On the basis of current and expected weather phenomena in the next few hours, in fact, on the Civil Protection website The new bulletin has been issued with destination alerts for Thursday 6 July, rating the weather tomorrow in yellow due to the risk of thunderstorms in Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto. Here is the detailed bulletin with all weather alerts for tomorrow:

  • Emilia-Romagna: Central Emilian Mountains, Plain of Reggio, Plain of Modenese, Coast of Ferrara, Low Hills of Piacenza-Parma, Mountains of Piacenza-Parma, High Hills of Piacenza-Parma, Coast of Romagna, Plain of Reggio Po, Central Emilian Hills, Plain of Bolognese, Low Hills and Romagna plain, Bologna mountains, Bologna hills, High Romagna hills, Romagna mountains, Piacenza-Parma plain, Ferrara plain
  • Lombardy: Western Low Central Plains, Eastern High Plains, Central Plains, Eastern Lakes and Alps, Bergamo Bergamo Mountains, Eastern Low Plains, Central Eastern Low Plains, Western Low Plains, Milan Hydraulic Node
  • Veneto: Lower Brenta-Bacchiglione, Fratta Gorzone, Livenza, Lemene, Tagamelato, Upper Piave, Adige-Garda, Lessini, Upper Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone, Po, Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco, Lower Adige, Foothills Piave, Lower Piave, Shell and Basin drainage into the lake
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Weather forecast for tomorrow, July 6

Thursday, July 6th, cloudy weather in the north. The possibility of thunderstorms in practically all northern regions during the day. Sunny weather prevails everywhere in the middle, south, and islands in the morning; In the afternoon, a temporary increase in clouds over the central Adriatic regions, with scattered showers over the Apennine regions.

Constant or slightly increasing maximum temperatures, nearly everywhere between 28-33 degrees with peaks as high as 34-35 degrees.