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Lino Banfi, have you ever been to his restaurant in Rome?  It’s here and the prices are ridiculous

Lino Banfi, have you ever been to his restaurant in Rome? It’s here and the prices are ridiculous

Not everyone knows that Lino Banfi has a restaurant in the heart of the Italian capital. The prices will leave you speechless!

Lino Banfinickname Pascual ZagariaHe is an actor, comedian, and screenwriter. During his career, he had the opportunity to collaborate with directors of certain calibers such as Dino Risi And Lucio Fulci. He is an actor of Italian erotic comedies of the 70s and 80s Paolo Villaggio And Mario Carotenuto.

To fulfill his dream he moved to Rome and He started working for opinion. At the same time, he devoted himself to cinema, and his real beginning dates back to 1960 with the film Screamers in the bar. In his approach we can mention many fairy tales such as Family Blemish, Quiet Place, Tell Me About Life, Football Coach, Sorry to Bother You And much more.

Regarding private life He was married to Lucia Lagastra Who unfortunately passed away this year and from their love Rosanna and Walter were born. He talked about this during interviews in different television studios such as very right.

He runs the restaurant with his children Banfi headphones Near Piazza Cavour in the Prati district of Rome. You will never believe the prices shown on the menu.

Lino Banfi Restaurant will amaze you in every way

Recently returned from an experience Dancing with the stars (He dropped out because he said he couldn’t keep up with the logistics of the show due to his age), and the actor dedicates himself to what he loves to do and The culinary field should not be excluded.

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Not everyone knows that Lino Banfi runs a restaurant in Rome and relies on highly qualified staff. It’s as if they are a kind of family, where one can depend on the other and vice versa. In addition to the warm atmosphere. The menu also holds some surprises.

Lino Banfi Restaurant –

Mind boggling list! Here is the most requested dish

Given his Apulian origins, Lino Banfi is proud to offer customers some of the specialties of his land at his restaurant in the heart of the Italian capital. The main course is orecchietteBecause pasta is the backbone of Apulian cuisine. Tomato sauce, vegetables and local cheese are the main ingredients.

The name of the dishes is inspired by sayings taken from the films in which the actor appeared. Reading the list you can see that nothing is missing. Cheeses, cured meats and focaccia stand out the most. But what is jaw dropping Prices are affordable. Excellent news for those who love the fun of Southern Italian cuisine.