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Latest news from the world.  Hamas: “No hostage will return to Israel without negotiations.”  Miley to Argentines: “No money, shock of reforms”

Latest news from the world. Hamas: “No hostage will return to Israel without negotiations.” Miley to Argentines: “No money, shock of reforms”

United Kingdom: A bill on the transfer of migrants to Rwanda is in the House of Commons on Tuesday, but the Conservatives are divided

Prominent members of the Conservative Party, both liberal in orientation and the opposite and more extreme, do not hide their dissatisfaction with Rishi Sunak’s government’s drafting of the bill to lift the ban on transferring asylum seekers to Rwanda, after the constitutional rejection of it. Court last month. They are warning the Prime Minister that the measure – which will reach the House of Commons on Tuesday – will not pass that way. Or if it passes – as the group’s leaders assert, 30 Conservative MPs will be needed to block it – it will not succeed and will be subject to appeals. Therefore, there are still “serious concerns”, despite everyone’s desire to launch the plan in the name of the fight against immigration, a crucial point in the government’s program and above all a crucial test call for next year’s elections. Jurists associated with the party’s right have identified problems with the text that are considered “extremely difficult to solve.” According to them, this measure does not do enough to marginalize the European Court of Human Rights. While the moderate wing of the party denounces that the draft law contradicts international law. Representatives of the two factions will meet tomorrow to try to compare their positions.

“It is a bit like Brexit in the sense that the Rwanda program will have the effect of reuniting the entire right. “This is the unifying factor of the right,” commented an important party official quoted by the Observer. “If we realize within six months that the project The law becomes law but it does not work, Rishi will be in a disastrous situation. So you have to work to make it work. A former Tory minister added: “The stakes couldn’t be higher.” In short, Sunak, like Theresa May, has stumbled in his search for a compromise on Brexit. And everyone agrees on this: If the plan sinks, if the plan doesn’t work, Sunak will sink too. There are three problems with the government’s urgent action measure, according to Damian Green, chair of the Conservative Liberal group One Nation. The first is that the text declares Rwanda to be a safe country, without providing any concrete element to prove this. Then he assigns powers to ministers without considering their actions. Finally, the removal of the duty of public authorities not to violate human rights is worrying.

Britain signs a new agreement to send migrants to Rwanda