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Lamon starts well Omnium with third place in the scratch!  - OA Sport

Lamon starts well Omnium with third place in the scratch! – OA Sport

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13.06 Now it is up to the Belgian Katrjin de Clercq and the Swiss Cybele Schneider. In the next heat, there will be a second blue arrow, Martina Alzini.

13.05 Letizia Paternoster Third Temporary! The whole race is in progress, the time is 3’29” 725. The French Borras were a thunderbolt, partly finishing first with a 3’20” 780 and the final for almost gold in the archives.

13.04 Letizia regains a position after the second kilometer, but the defect from the French continues to expand.

13.03 When the first kilometer is detected, it pushes three seconds off the crossing line, and the fifth is temporary.

13.02 Letizia Paternoster test begins.

13.00 Letizia Paternoster is next to the ring. And will compete in the French qualifiers Marion Borras.

12.58 Aksana Saluyeva (Belarus) finished her test fifth with 3’34” 153. Eukene Larrarte Arteaga (Spain) finishes at the bottom of the partial rating with 3’43” 831.

12.56 It’s Letizia Paternoster time.

12.52 The German stopped the clock at 3’21” 742, ten seconds more than Hengeveld!

12.50 Megan Parker (UK) and Mick Krueger (Germany) complete the test. The Englishman came third in the partial standings with a 3’33” 025, and the Teutonic jumping to the top is extraordinary!

12.48 We remind you that there are 17 athletes playing qualifying for the individual sprint finals.

12.46 Britain’s Madeleine Leech and Poland’s Carolina Karasiewicz took to the track, closing off the lead with a time of 3’38” 789 and 3’33” 795.

12.44 First to hit the track was Dutch powerhouse Danik Hengfeld who scored 3’31” 957.

12.42 Do not start the Polish Karolina Kumija.

12.41 The moment of the women’s solo pursuit is coming. Letizia Paternoster and Martina Alzini are our standard holders, and we expect them to have a great qualifying test.

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12.39 Omnium starts off well for Francesco Lamon! Only the eighth Spanish Mora.

12.38 In second place was the Danish Matthias Malmberg and the fourth Thomas Bodat (France) was behind the Polish Alan Panaszek.

12.37 Dutchman Roy Efting wins, third place excellent for Francisco Lamon!

12.35 We’re at the finish line, the riders gearing up for a sprint.

12.33 Victor Velotas (Hungary) lost a lap while Bulgarian Nikolai Genov doubled. They are not outstanding athletes.

12.31 The group continues to press forward compactly.

12.29 Sebastian Moura is the favorite on paper for the final victory.

12.26 Up to 24 athletes at the start of this test, each country can only field one rep.

12.24 The 15-kilometer zero line started, there is for Italy Francesco Lamon.

12.21 Too soon start the first test for omnium males, scratching.

12.19 In the evening session, medals are awarded, Miriam will be back on track to try to climb to the European podium again.

12.17 Women’s 500m qualifier from a standstill, Meram’s separation from the leader is 0.337. A gap that cannot be bridged.

12.15 Fair performance for Miriam, 5th place with 33″ 542. Helena Casas Rouge Spanish 10th in 35″ 090.

12.14 It’s Miriam Weiss’ turn!

12.13 Veronika Gapornikova of the Czech Republic doesn’t shine and closes at 35″ 186, reigning champ Daria Shmeleva is a splinter: best group with 33″ 205.

12.11 Pauline challenged Sophie Grabush in the singles qualifier and climbed to the top of the provisional standings with a stellar 33-inch 351.

12.10 Ukrainian Olena Starikova did not start.

12.08 Another confrontation between Poland and the Netherlands: also in this case the orange Stevie Van der Peet does a better job than rival Nikola Sibiak. Respectively I’m 3rd and 7th at the moment.

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12.06 Poland’s Urzula Los took third place with a score of 34″ 281, while the Dutch Kyra Lamberink temporarily took second place with a score of 33″ 509.

12.04 Tyschenko closes in front of the German with a time of 33 “407. The Ukrainian, with whom she competed in the qualifiers, Oleksandra Lohviniuk scored third and last timed: 34 “995”.

12.02 Propster closes with a time of 34″ 431. The first two Russians in the race, Yana Tishchenko, prepares.

12.00 German booster Alessa-Catriona is the first to compete in the qualification. Myriam Vessi will be the last to hit the track.

11.58 The European champion over the 500 meters is Russia’s Daria Shmeleva, who today will try to repeat the title she won last year.

11.56 Few minutes left to start the first race of the day. 13 players at the start of the women’s 500m race.

11.54 In the midst of the two omnium tests, a woman’s qualifications for the individual quest. Letizia Paternoster and Martina Alzini will try to match Jonathan Milan’s gold result yesterday with the same formula.

11.51 After that, we will have the first of four tests of the men’s aluminum, the zero, while the last race of the morning session will be the tempo race. Francesco Lamon competes for the blue colors.

11.48 The program will start at 12:00 with the women’s 500m pit stop qualifying. Italy initially has Miriam Weiss, a European bronze in the position.

11.45 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live transcript of Day 4 of the European Cycling Championship.

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Program, schedules, TV, and streaming of the 2021 European Cycling ChampionshipsThe Italian national team for the 2021 European Cycling Championship – Proceedings of the third day of competitions – podium finish Jonathan Milan in the individual pursuit

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the fourth and penultimate day of racing for the 2021 European Track Championships. The World Championships held in Grinchen, Switzerland, is A little “crammed” between the Olympic event, which ended less than two months ago, and the Roubaix World Championships in France scheduled for 20 to 24 October. Despite some excellent absences However, very exciting races are expected with several Italians at the start and 11 athletes who won Olympic gold in Tokyo.

Another busy day awaits us, which will give us four titles. In the morning, the women’s 500m stalemate qualified with the start Myriam Weiss, Last year’s medal, the first two men’s Omnium races where There will be Elia Viviani and Francesco Lamon in his place, And the qualifications of female stalking with her Letizia Paternoster and Martina Zini She tries to get into the top four and play for medals in the afternoon.

In the afternoon they are appointed Women’s 500m omnium titles (Hopefully with Champion Miriam Vece), the solo female chase and sprint race.

OA Sport brings you a live stream On the fourth and penultimate day of the 2021 European track races in GrinchenReal-time news, minute by minute, so you don’t miss a thing, the morning session will begin 12.00 on Friday, October 8! Good fun!