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Covid, hidden virus sequence discovered in China

Covid, hidden virus sequence discovered in China

Turin Research on the origins of SarsCov2 has led to a new development: American researcher, Jesse Bloom of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has identified some of the Data containing SarsCov2 virus sequences dating back to the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan, intentionally removed from archive From the sequences of the US National Institute of Health. As we read in Biorxiv (which collects articles that have not yet been scrutinized by the scientific community) and also on the Science website, the researcher recovered deleted files from Google Cloud and Reconstructed partial sequences of 13 viruses from the early days of the epidemic. According to Bloom, a group of Chinese researchers collected viral samples from early Covid patients in Wuhan, published the viral sequences in the US Sequence Read Archive database, and removed them after a few hide its existence“.

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Covid, crowd in concert: resumption of normal life in Wuhan

Covid-19, data has been deleted in China

Bloom himself had asked Chinese researchers at Renmin University Hospital in Wuhan why the data had been removed from the US database, without getting an answer, while Nih had just published a statement explaining that the sequences had been removed. At the request of the Chinese researcher, who explained that the sequence information has been updated and will be published on another database. For some researchers, we read on the Science website, These statements reinforce suspicions that China has something to hide about the origins of the epidemic, while for many others it creates a lot of ado about nothing, because Chinese researchers later released information about the virus in a different form, and the now-recovered virus sequences add very little to what is already known about the origins of this coronavirus. Bloom himself admits that these new viral sequences are A small piece of the much larger puzzle remains unfinished, but they certainly addAdditional evidence that the virus was spreading in Wuhan before December“.

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