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The evolution of the universe, help from cosmic voids

The evolution of the universe, help from cosmic voids

I cosmic voids Structures believed to be fossils from the early universe are constantly filled with foreign matter. This came from a study conducted byUniversity of Valencia and post it in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

“Cosmic voids are the largest structures in the universe and their formation and evolution process is essential to understanding the formation of the universe – says Susanna Planelles, co-author of the paper – studying them as a physical phenomenon has always been difficult precisely. The fact that these are large quantities, with extremely low content of matter. From an observational point of view, analyzing the few elements within it is complex and theoretical modeling is equally complex. That’s why we use very simplified descriptions.”

According to the most popular theory, cosmic voids exist excavation areas that come from the regular and slow evolution of less dense regions, which arose in the primitive stages of the universe. In addition, voids can expand as their size increases serdendo is part of A substance that stands out from its limits. Thus, the universe was created by large and practically hollow bubbles (emptiness) which, if expanded, would lead to the formation of filaments and galaxy clusters.

The study challenged this well-established theory through complex cosmic simulations conducted thanks to Supercomputer Lluís Vives. “Our research – concludes Planellis – shows that within these spaces you can find a lot of information that has been hidden until now.”

Image credit: Asociacion Ruvid

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