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La Valsusa Guerrilla Gym


HHe visited Piedmont for two days and yesterday afternoon, without prior notice, he went to the TAV de San Didero website: “I think it is important for the government representative to come to support the police and the workers at the site after what happened in recent days.” Giorgio Muli, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, He is one of the few representatives of the executive who in recent years has gone to construction sites in the valley.

A rather rare work. Why is he doing this?
“It seems natural to me for the government to go to a construction site for one of the most important works under construction in Italy. Instead, it seems strange that I must arrive without warning to do so, deploying as large a force as when visiting Italians working abroad “In the war zone. This is no longer acceptable.”

Mayors of the two countries participated in the protest, and say they did not participate. How does he respond?
Mayors wave decisions from their city councils and act as if these decisions are worth more than state laws. No one wants to deprive anyone of the peaceful expression of their opposition. ”

“But there is nothing peaceful here. There are guerrillas are taking advantage of the protest to stone the police and those who work on construction sites. Throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. Do you want me to tell you? Many residents of the valley are tired of having an outdoor gymnasium for violent people.” From all over the peninsula in front of their homes ».

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How do you speak?
“Do you know how many residents of Falseus who leave the coffee hanging in the bar for policemen and women? It is a daily solidarity that increases day by day.”

The protest leaders accuse the police of seriously injuring a girl with a gas canister. did you see the picture?
Police have already denied that these injuries were compatible with the tear gas. It is noteworthy that tear gas is used because workers at the construction site and those who defend them are subjected to violent attacks.

Answer that the protesters are exaggerated …
“In all these years, the police have managed to maintain their calm even in very difficult situations, without any reaction. The commanders of the army, the police and the Carabinieri should be applauded, and the governor in Turin should be applauded.”

The government could also do more. For example, by appointing the Italian Department’s Commissioner for Labor. Why don’t you do it
“If a commissioner is needed, he will soon be appointed. But I think if the action can continue even when the Minister was a genuine Tav destroyer, like Danilo Toninelli, nothing could stop the construction sites anymore. ”

What were the other phases of the two days you spent in Piedmont?
«Production of F35s has resumed in the Camry and the first Eurofighter is scheduled to be delivered to Kuwait in September.

Expensive and destructive weapons there was no dispute about. How does he respond?
“They are certainly weapons systems, but they are also defense systems that can be used for civilian purposes.”

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The third appointment?
“In Piazza Castillo, at the headquarters of the Regional Council. A meeting with Cirio to define the Turin School of Applied Convention. The courses will be organized with Modena in order to maintain schools in the two cities. In these cases, the best way is through mediation.

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