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Keep the brain young?  Background noises tell us how"

Keep the brain young? Background noises tell us how”

the brain It is a wonderful and incredibly complex “machine”, which has an amazing ability to think, analyze, etc. When you get lost in thought, in absolute silence, have you ever noticed the almost imperceptible noise it produces? A study that explains what it is and its importance.

I nervous cells They are a type of cell consisting of a central structure called the soma, which are connected to each other by a complex network of protrusions, dendrites, and axons to other cells. Information is transmitted through من nerve impulses, electrical signals that induce the release of chemicals, i neurotransmitters, which exit at the synapses, converting the electrical signal into chemical information from one presynaptic neuron to another, which is the target of the information itself.

However, some neurotransmitter-rich droplets are released into the synapse even in the absence of electrical impulses. These mini-events – or mini-events – have always been considered background noise“He claims Brian McCabeBressow Professor at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, BrainMind Institute.

According to the study by McCabe and his collaborators, this type of secretion is important with regard to some functions related to the development, delivery, and protection of synapses with age. So the anomalies in this type of connection can lead to Neurodegenerative disorders and all Decreased motor synapses. To verify these hypotheses they performed analyzes on the motor nervous system of fruit flies.

In fact, as the age of insects progresses, the fragmentation of their synapses, a process that also occurs in mammals and ina leg. When a synapse rupture occurs, both canonical and synaptic neurotransmission are affected, which also leads to a decrease in fine motor skills. According to the collected data, miniaturized neurotransmission is necessary not only to maintain the functioning of presynaptic structures, but to increase these local events, the motor ability can also be maintained with getting old. It is a marginal phenomenon, a simple phenomenon ظاهرة background noiseMicrotransmission is now assumed to be critical to maintaining the ‘health’ of synapses.

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Study can help better understand and Treating neurodegenerative disorders and other brain diseases in humans. Scientists will be able to use this new knowledge to preserve synapses, delay their fragmentation and prolong motor activity with age, reinforcing what already exists. Amazing properties of the brain Human.