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Swimming, majestic Italy!  4 x 100 SL Takes a Historic Silver Medal at Tokyo 2020!  - OA Sport

Swimming, majestic Italy! 4 x 100 SL Takes a Historic Silver Medal at Tokyo 2020! – OA Sport

Exciting day for Italy in I swim everybody Tokyo Olympics 2020. After Niccolo Martins’ bronze in the 100 breaststroke, the men’s 4×100 sprints won a historic silver medal, only preceded by USA Caleb Dressel. Alessandro Merisi, Thomas Ciccone, Lorenzo Zazzeri and Manuel Frigo They are the four riders who accomplished the feat: Bill Basie has never had a podium at a Games in this discipline.

With a time of 3’10 11, the Azzurri improved the Italian record once again, preceded by 1 14 by the United States. At the launch event, Miressi, less intelligent than yesterday, acquired Ceccon il Fourth place with 47 72 Not exciting at the level the Turin native is now. Dressel, who was posted in Part One, immediately made a difference in 47 26, but pushed the task in the last 15 meters for a very aggressive start.

Ceccon, fresh from the exhaustion of the semi-finals of 100 backstrokes, as he gained access to the final chapter with the fourth trial in absolute time, signed on Small applause at 47 45, which allowed the selection of the three colors to rise to third place behind the United States and France.

Then, it was up to Zazzeri to give a decisive turn toward the medal. The most experienced quad swimmer swam a two-time champion in the 47″31, and finished second in the US with just two dozen!

at that point The refrigerator can do nothing against the mighty Zach Apple, author of Breaking Sensation at 46 69! However, the blue turned out to be more solid than ever and thanks to the 47″ 63 it was touching the plate in a second, giving silver to Italy!

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Bronze medal for Australia at 3’10 22In fourth place surprise Canada still line up 37-year-old Brent Hayden, world champion in 2007 on a par with Filippo Magnini. Fifth place is Hungary, while France, Republic of China and Brazil completed the top eight.

Italy celebrates silver that is very heavy, long chased and often touched in the past in the Magnini era. The right reward for a movement that continues to profitably renew itself and an ever-widening base.

Photo: La Presse