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"It's dangerous to go out on the street, but we won't leave."

“It’s dangerous to go out on the street, but we won’t leave.”

Living for forty years in a roundabout middle. It is the story of a family living in North Wales who have decided not to leave their home despite a project that envisioned building a road around their home in Denbighshire.

About the house, history

There are hundreds of stories, even with judicial implications, of roads built near houses that, on principle, thought they lived in a quiet place only to find themselves in the chaos of vehicular traffic. But this seems to be a unique case. Messrs. David John and Irian Hoatson moved into this type of cottage surrounded by nature in the 1960’s. At that time there were no roundabouts or side walks, just a small company surrounding their home. This was until the late 1970s when plans were submitted for a turnaround following the completion of what was then the new Denby bypass.

“Life at the Roundabout”

The couple were told that they could not build another home within their small quarters, and so refused to leave their four walls. Thus they remained at the center of what became the roundabout project, which was completed in 1980. Today, 42 years later, the Hoatsons still exist despite the passing of David John, who died in the early 1980s. at vertigo” which they define as “complicated at times.” The Howatsons are now a large family with seven children and 12 grandchildren who visit regularly.


David’s son John Cloyd told “People who know us always ask us the usual two questions: How do we go out and get home? How do the delivery guys find us? – added the man – the answer is always the same: difficult ». Getting in and out of the street never looked so easy. He explained, “It is very dangerous because the cars driving around the roundabout do not expect another car to change direction and take the road to the street, and similarly they do not expect to see a car coming out of the center of the roundabout itself.” . “For deliveries, we have to explain in detail where we are every time, because even the address is the same as the street, but those who have to find us struggle to locate the entrance.”

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