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Is Star Wars Outlaws rated on Ubisoft Forward Brazil release date?

Is Star Wars Outlaws rated on Ubisoft Forward Brazil release date?

After the cases of South Korea and Australia now Star Wars Outlaws He was It is also classified in Brazil At this point, it's entirely plausible that the game is now in the final stages of development, with a release date announced on PS5 and Xbox Series.Ubisoft forwardWhich was coincidentally announced today.

In fact, the French company has scheduled the new event for June 10, 2024, that is, in the week of Summer Game Fest, and it is reasonable to expect that the most important games will be shown on this occasion, among the already known games and other games that have not yet been revealed, and will arrive on computers. And consoles in the next few months.

Taxonomic communities vary

Image from the movie Star Wars Outlaws

As for the rest, the Brazilian body's classification does not provide particularly noteworthy information or innovations, except that the game is “not recommended for children under 14 years of age”, while in Australia it received a rating of “M for adults” (forbidden for players under 15 years old). In Europe, PEGI is 16, while in South Korea it is 19+. Such marked discrepancies between different classification bodies are rarely observed.

For more information, we just have to wait for any news from Ubisoft, which previously confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws will hit store shelves by the end of 2024.

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