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Audi skysphere concept: features and data of the 630 hp electric roadster

Audi skysphere concept: features and data of the 630 hp electric roadster

Unveiled images and official data of the model anticipating the new face of Ingolstadt, the 630 hp electric roadster: It’s the first of three prototypes developed on the innovative zero-emissions SSP platform capable of delivering Level 4 autonomous driving.

With the launch of the Audi skysphere concept, the envisioned future in Ingolstadt begins to unfold. The German company has in fact revealed images and official data for the first prototypes of the three models designed to offer insight into the technologies put into the brand’s fascination. It will be shown on August 13 at Monterey Car Week, not far from the Audi Design Studio in Malibu where it was designed. The Audi skysphere is an electric roadster with 465 kW (632 hp) and more than 500 km of autonomy, whose futuristic features are the children of stylistic freedom brought by the original new electric platform, the SSP. It is the first result of the Artemis project centered on the Scalable Systems Platform, the basis on which the new range of electric vehicles for the Volkswagen Group will be born. It will replace the Meb, or Q4 e-tron platform, Volkswagen ID.3, Skoda Enyaq iV and Cupra Born, and Ppe, already used on some zero-emissions models from Audi and Porsche. After the electric car of the future, the new Audi Grandsphere and Urbansphere concepts will arrive. The first is likely to be expected at the Munich Mobility Show in early September, and anticipates a large electric sedan, destined to replace the A8. On the other hand, the Urbansphere concept will arrive in 2022 to present the new concept of a compact SUV. In addition to the futuristic style of the interiors and bodywork, the three electric models share a Level 4 autonomous driving arrangement that allows the car to move with complete autonomy in almost all conditions of use.

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Audi skyscraper concept: characteristics

The skysphere concept pushes the current concept of versatility applied to automobiles to the limits of imagination. From a muffled electric vehicle capable of transporting its passengers autonomously, to a sports vehicle capable of exciting the driver and passenger with its performance. All at the push of a button that allows you to go from Sport mode to Grand Touring mode, through the magic of the variable wheelbase. By selecting the Sport, which offers manual driving, the skysphere shortens the wheelbase in favor of dynamism and reduces overall dimensions, indicated by a length of 4.94 metres. In Grand Touring mode, which instead provides automated driving, the overall length is 5.19 meters and the ground clearance is increased by 10 mm for maximum comfort. The setup includes adaptive suspension and power steering, both of which are adjustable depending on the type of ride chosen. The 23-inch wheels fit 285/30 tires both front and rear. Despite the presence of countless electronics and a battery pack, the extensive use of aluminum made it possible to contain the weight of the atmosphere in the range of 1800 kg. Its distribution indicates 60% behind and 40% in front, by virtue of the positioning of the electric unit on the rear axle.

Audi skysphere concept: exterior and interior

From the outside, the skyscraper pays homage to the 1938 Horch 853A in height and proportions, with the common features represented by the long hood, retracted cockpit and minimal overhangs. The facade displays LED light clusters vaguely inspired by the A6 e-tron concept shown at the Shanghai Auto Show. LED lights are also key figures in the single-frame nose grille, with animations ready to light up while the sky space is lengthened or shortened according to the selected driving mode. The rear is also illuminated by an LED strip that comes to life when the vehicle is started. However, the most striking transformation takes place within the passenger compartment: from the cockpit to the luxurious lounge, with the steering wheel and pedals disappearing as a tribute to habitability, only to reappear when you return to Sport mode. This is the so-called field concept, which places the driver at the center of a highly modular environment. Maximum freedom of choice, between engaging in first person driving, or relaxing from letting yourself go while watching a movie on the massive screen that’s nearly 1.5 meters long. Versatility is made possible by the fall of the limitations dictated by the size of heat engines, leaving designers’ imaginations free. The speakers for the refined audio system built into the infotainment system, also designed for video conferencing, are also hidden. The interior shows a pollution of eco-luxury in the Art Deco style, with faux leather upholstery and eucalyptus inserts – certified for the environment – adorning the interior.

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Audi skysphere concept: engine and batteries

The drivetrain of the Audi skysphere concept was commissioned with an electric motor located on the rear axle, capable of delivering 465 kW (632 hp) and a torque of 750 Nm. The road is allowed to store 0-100 km / h in 4 seconds, while the maximum speed is not announced. As for autonomy, Audi refers to a battery with a capacity of more than 80 kWh, for a maximum distance that can exceed 500 km, provided that the sky is used in Grand Touring mode.