Thursday, July 25, 2024

Intel, 8 billion euros for a chip packaging plant in Italy. The deal is getting closer and closer


Intel and Italy are close to reaching an agreement to achieve Wafer packaging plant in our country thanks to an investment of 8 billion euros.

Over the summer, Intel toured Europe to identify two areas to build as many chip factories as possible to invest $20 billion in, then expand the investment to about $80 billion over ten years. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger also held talks with Mario Draghi.

Over the following months, talks with Italy continued and rumors of a total investment of 8 billion euros, part of it with public money, and favorable bids for Intel on labor and energy costs.

The two default areas that have been selected for the factory building are The Mirafiori region of Turin and Catania. The direct jobs to be created will be around 1,000 jobs.

Intel is ready to announce

According to two sources close to the question he heard ReutersRecently, talks between Intel and Italy have intensified, Confirming the investment of 8 billion euros in our country Which will represent about 10% of the $80 billion Intel plans to invest in Europe over the next decade.

It will be the proposed Italian factory An advanced packaging plant that uses innovative technologies to manufacture whole chips. By “encapsulation” (or “encapsulation”) we mean the container that contains the actual mold. The foil packaging plant can be a third party to the smelter that produces the foil to be ‘packaged’.

Intel declined to comment specifically on talks with Italy, but said nonetheless: “We are encouraged by the many possibilities to support the EU’s Digital Agenda and Semiconductor ambitions for 2030. Although negotiations are still ongoing and confidential, we intend to make an announcement as soon as possible.. “

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