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Incredible profits for energy companies, we tax them and give 200 euros to the poor

Incredible profits for energy companies, we tax them and give 200 euros to the poor

The Prime Minister, in his response in Strasbourg, returned to the measure approved by the government yesterday, which provides for a bonus of 200 euros obtained from the additional profits taxes.

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We have supported EU sanctions, including those on the energy sector, and will continue to do so with the same conviction in the future.Draghi confirmed at the beginning of his response to the European Parliament his speech The President listened to the views of the MEPs, then explained: “In terms of energy, we must work hard to become independent, in Italy we have moved very quickly to diversify and accelerate renewable energy sources. Yesterday’s actions led to the liberalization of installations of renewable energy sources“.

There is no doubt that companies that have worked in the sectors of electricity import and fossil energy have made incredible profits – Draghi said – Our government yesterday I decided to renew the taxes on additional profits on these companies. Taxes totaled 25%. It’s about 11 billion between the first and second scales, so we were able to give A check equal to all 200 euros To 28 million people earn little, including retirees and workersIn this way the Prime Minister emphasized again, “Those in the lower income bracket will receive this measure, which partially compensates for the loss of purchasing power“. This is amazing “It is a way to help the poorest families without undermining the public budget“.

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This government was born when I was born as an environmental government – Draghi summoned again – Climate, green and digital transformation are key pillars. Our environment minister was extraordinary, he did what was impossible to imagine a year agoThen he attacked:We do not agree on the validity of the 110% Superbonus, the cost of efficiency has more than tripled. The prices of necessary investments have more than tripled, because this removes the incentive to negotiateAnd for the PNRR he defended the work done so far:Before we talk about the changes, let’s make it work, it’s not old. We respected all the goals“.

The most important challenge is peace, and this is the main goal that the European Union must move towards and which the Italian government is moving towards. – Finally confirmed by the President of the Council – Integration is our best ally, and for many of these challenges, it’s the only way to tackle them together. It doesn’t just mean financing them together, it means designing and supervising them together. Make sure your money is well spentseal:Our values ​​are now facing challenges we have never seen before. We must be united, for there we see the perfect federalism. The answers must be united while we are completely different“.