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In the sky of August, giant planets and shooting stars - space and astronomy

In the sky of August, giant planets and shooting stars – space and astronomy

Bright stars are a sight to behold in the August sky, accompanied by the solar system’s giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, which are in the best-observable period of 2021. Venus also continues to shine, setting an hour and a half after the sun.

to make a swarm of Persidi, the so-called Lacrime di San Lorenzo, is a very conservative moon, he notesUnion of Italian Amateur Astronomers (UAI). Almost the entire first half of August, in fact, the moon will not disturb its light. This will allow you to better observe the falling stars summit It is provided in At night between August 12 and 13.

Despite all the restrictions and uncertainties due to the Covid emergency, the “Goblets of Stars” event is back again this year, and there will be many events organized by associations of amateur astronomers.

Also coming in August of other swarms Of the meteors, they are mostly concentrated between the constellations Aquarius and Aquarius. In particular, at the beginning of the month, the numbers become more numerous Alpha Capricorn, visible all night until moonrise, while between August 9 and 11 it will be possible to observe Delta basins and the Aquilid.

To make a show in the sky there will be too planets. for every Jupiter The date to be marked is August 19, when the planet reaches opposition to the sun it remains visible throughout the night at maximum brightness, while for Saturn The opposition takes place at the beginning of the month It can be observed all night long.

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