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Sirigu: “I felt that the Genoese wanted it, and I loved it, and I wanted it”

Sirigu during the press conference (from Genoa CFC)

“Being the locker room leader? I don’t have to be the one to say that, it’s my teammates who define me that way.” To the exact question of Salvatore Sirigu, the new goalkeeper he introduced today at the press conference, answered very frankly. Samuel Cirebon, age 7 And a half years, the goalkeeper of the European champion national team, the youngest goalkeeper in the Genoa football school.

Goalkeeper on the field “I feel like a goalkeeper regardless. Then the choices will be part of our lives and will never be questioned. At this moment in my career I live with sensations, stimuli and impulses. What drove me to choose to venture with Genoa was the fact that I felt desire, love and pursuit. It was not a comfortable choice for them or even for me: it gave me such enthusiasm to make that choice. I was fortunate enough to wear other important shirts and to continue on this path for important teams gives an extra touch to my career.”

Only 7 Italy goalkeepers in Series A – “I don’t know what to say about her. There are many good Italian goalkeepers. We lost a strong goalkeeper like Donnarumma in our tournament, but he is going to another important team.”

Castellini – “I would like to sign my 40th birthday like Castellini. He is an incredible person and I am very attached to him.”

World 2022 – “I really want to start from here and prove to myself that I am an important goalkeeper: for me every challenge is great. Being able to fight in this shirt gives me an important motivation. In a year and a half there will be a World Cup and one thinks about it: but in a year and a half, there are a lot of Things to do. I want to live this experience in a free way and also with a little smile on my face.”

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Genoa goals – ‘I have hitherto known of pragmatic people who have not undertaken imaginary journeys. I really appreciate it because last year was a strange tournament for everyone. I think the league has not yet normalized: we will have to leave more modestly than usual because we saw that playing without fans was difficult. In my opinion, we should first think about reaching the minimum goal and then think about having a good season.”

Sirigu after victory in Europe – “I am happy because we are happy with our country. Before I was more shady, I lived my life very seriously.”

Turin – “Each team is a different adventure and story. There is no denying that Turin for me was an important team as I left my heart as well as many friends. I don’t regret it and I had the honor to wear this shirt. One day, when my career is over, I will turn back, and given the place where I played in such historical teams as Turin and Genoa, I will be satisfied.”

Belotti – “I have spoken to Gallo many times and certainly cannot advise him about staying or leaving. I always told him to be happy and not to have too many responsibilities on his shoulders. He is a very good boy and he has to make the best choice for him.”

Genoa youth – “I will try to do what I have always done in my career: I want to think that I am always a perfect professional, working hard and well. Then I will try to show in mood what I have always been, without pretending to be what I am not. Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I try to bring in a little From joy, as well as my experience of the youngest but always with the utmost humility, not overcoming others. I feel like a newcomer.”

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Ferrari – “It has always been a beautiful, beautiful stadium. I remember that the matches with Genoa were always important.”

In Donnarumma’s ear – “What we said will remain between us.”

Relationship with Marchetti – “I have a wonderful relationship with him: we have known each other for many years and shared many experiences in the national team. He is a great goalkeeper: I have always respected him.”

jordanian – “Yes, we had talked to each other before. He seemed to me a pragmatic and straightforward person: I immediately liked him ».

Defend the door under the north – “At the moment I didn’t think about it: it’s still early days. I really hope the stadiums will reopen. I can say that I miss the fans in the stadium: I looked like I was playing matches in training without stimuli.”

shirt number – “I chose number 57. I never chose the shirt number, but I did it with the participation of my two brothers and sister. They chose 57 which is the house number in La Caleta where we grew up as children. My sister explained that 5 plus 7 equals 12 for my birthday, which falls on January 12.”