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In Molise, 21,000 recipients of proportional unemployment: “It’s a social alarm.”


On the sidelines of the demand for an extension of the surplus bloc by trade unions, Regional Adviser Diem Michaela Vanelli stressed “the lack of active labor policies.”

A precautionary and realistic estimate of the Molise area captures a disturbing situation regarding citizens receiving the Naspi (New Social Insurance for Work, i.e. monthly unemployment allowance that supports workers who have an employment relationship and who have forcibly lost their profession).

“The very high number of people, or unemployment that INPS is currently paying – explains Regional Adviser Michaela Vanelli – is at an all-time high. We’re talking about just under 21,000 people, to be exactly 20,481 income earners. These are the people who are unemployed.” “For a maximum of two years, so the section also refers to the pre-pandemic period. It is a very strong social alarm that cannot be tolerated and is now adding to it new anxiety.” Chancellor Diem’s ​​intervention coincided with a demonstration by unions that took to the streets in Rome to demand an extension of layoffs for all until next October.

“There are concerns shared by trade unions – but how long can the national regional labor system withstand such a situation? Without effective labor policies, what will happen to those who receive monthly unemployment benefits? What future will they have?” Vanelli says. He adds: “The answers to these questions cannot and should not be postponed any longer. What we are asking for is a serious, concrete and real commitment to all of those who have lost their jobs at Molise. An immediate commitment to give the future to youth, not youth and families. In Molise, politics is close to the needs of workers and entrepreneurs. Molise must choose to act as the hub for a recovery that is truly able to reduce social and regional inequalities. ”

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According to INPS data, in Molise the holders of Naspi 20481 income are; 2,447 Those who receive a direct payment from an extraordinary surplus fund, 1,517 for a redundant fund in non-compliance.

“In light of these numbers – continues Vanelli – and given that most small and medium companies, even with the release of layoffs, will not initiate dismissal procedures in order not to deprive themselves of skilled labor, and given that the numbers are the result of the explanations and estimates that have been made on Cig hours required and not on those already in use, it can be reasonably estimated that about 15% of the current iteration will face dismissal The Regional Adviser concluded that the number indicating that it is in Molise would be around 600 units.

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