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If you think you have above average intelligence, look at the picture and solve the sequence

If you think you have above average intelligence, look at the picture and solve the sequence

The goal of the game is to complete the table of numbers. Everything is based on logic: only the most cunning will succeed.

Logic games are a great way to test your intelligence. Having a trained mind is essential nowadays. This is a goal that can be achieved in a short time. It is not necessary to undergo boring and exhausting exercises, because on the Internet, You can find many different challenges. Today's program includes some mathematics elements. However, you do not need advanced skills to find the solution.

To complete the table, there is only one number missing –

It is recommended to proceed slowly, starting from the beginning. The logic to be taken into account may be different, but only one is correct. Help from friends and family can make it more fun.

The table contains only eight numbers: Here's how to complete the sequence

To complete the game you have to look at the table in the picture. It consists of nine boxes, three in each row. In the eight, there are very specific numbers. But in the last question there is only a question mark. This is exactly where players' attention should be directed. The goal, in fact, is Locate the corresponding number. This is not an easy challenge, especially for people with little patience.

Complete the numerical table: finding the solution is not obvious –

It is important to specify that the values ​​are not placed randomly. Basic strategy governs each of them. Appearances can be deceivingAnd also urgency. It is also advisable not to jump to hasty conclusions as each element can be crucial.

Solution for testing

More trained individuals will have no difficulty finding the solution. Others, on the contrary, may have faced some additional obstacles. The table should be read horizontally, starting at the top. There are three large groups related to each other.

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Solving the game consists of two steps –

Here's how to give the correct answer:

  • Step 1: We start from the number 10;
  • Step 2: 12=10+2;
  • Step 3: 14=12+2:
  • Step 4: To get 26, add +2 to the ones and +1 to the tens of the previous number. 14 becomes 26: 1+1=2, 4+2=6;
  • Step 5: 28=26+2;
  • Step 6: 30=28+2;
  • Step 7: In this case also the tens and ones trick is used, thus 3+1=3, 0+2=2, 42;
  • Step 8: 44=42+2;
  • Step 9: 46=44+2.

In view of this, Game solution 46. The challenge is based on two basic reasons. The strategy remains constant until the end of each row. Then, you need to add another piece. At first glance, this passage may be difficult to identify. For this reason, it is important to play with numerical numbers. Intuition will reveal the truth.