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‘I was afraid not to live’: Marco Lorne’s frank confession

Famous Rai TV presenter Marco Lorne has indulged himself in some of the ups and downs in his private life. Great emotion in recovering some situations

The game show these days is experiencing excellent television success, in terms of audit data and audience following chain reaction. Rai branded success that kept viewers company for many years into the summer.

Marco Lorne (Instagram)

Again, on top of the program in question, there is Marco Lorne. The opinion journalist and TV presenter is now a key element in the chain reaction. A year full of commitment and professional satisfaction of Liorni, which during the remainder of the year carried out the container with excellent results Italy yes!

Liorni is appreciated for his nature, positive attitude and always smiling. But in his private life, he wasn’t always so self-confident. In fact, in a long interview with People He revealed his most intimate and fearful side.

Marco Lorne’s fears and the solution to succeed in television

So also a well-known and revered figure like Marco Lorne He had some weaknesses and weaknesses. Frankly, in the aforementioned interview, the presenter told all his concerns:

“When I was younger I wasn’t sure of myself. I was so scared, always stuck in crucial moments. So I took courage and left my fears aside. Which? Do not live fully. I wanted to enter the stadium and face my daily match, which I did.”

much like days, in personal and professional life, they feel blocked by something, afraid of feelings and reactions that can arise at any moment. but the TV show host It is an example of how one can react and work on oneself.

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Returning to his professional commitment, Lorne also spoke about Ray’s official decision to broadcast chain reaction More than expected. Not only in the summer months, the game show runs until October:

“The seasons are long now. And so the chain reaction broadcast period has also been extended. The success of this game is due to the curiosity and mental gymnastics of the competitors. A program that stimulates creativity”