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"I do not know if the majority will be present after the tragedy."

“I do not know if the majority will be present after the tragedy.”

“To be honest, we welcome Enrico Letta on this platform who has given us the honor of meeting Atreju’s audience in person …”

“While reading the newspapers, I have a feeling that I do not agree with Georgia Meloni because a film has started, which is interesting, but it’s not true,” says Letta. Georgia melon in the view of Quirinal.

“I believe the president should be elected by a large majority – he insists – he should be voted on by all, and I do not think this is a distinguishing feature of Berlusconi’s candidacy.”

To those who asked him if Mario Draghi would get a majority without the Prime Minister, Letta replied: “I do not know if this majority will continue after him. I know this is a very difficult majority. It is difficult to be together.

“I – he adds – I think Tracy is fine. It’s positive if he’s in Palazzo Chiki, but we’ll talk about that in January.”

“We will go to power in the next assembly only if we win the election – then he makes it clear – the idea that I should always go to government for myself is very negative for politics and for us,” he said.

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